Museums Iran

The main attraction of the capital are museums, which here is simply an incredible amount, all of them are contained in samples and possess only fantastic collections.

The most interesting Palace of the Gostoant ("Garden Rose", 1749-1813., from 1894. Here is an art museum with a unique collection of works of famous Iranian artists and graphs of the XIX-XX centuries.), National (archaeological) Museum of Iran (a beautiful collection of ceramic products, stone sculptures and samples of a thread dated by the V MOLOGY BC. NS.), Museum of the joine (Museum of Ancient Architecture, Glass Products and Ceramics), the largest Archaeological Museum of Iran Bustan ("Museum Yeran-E Banna", The Museum of Ancient Iran, opened in 1937.), Museum of glass and ceramics Abkina, Museum of Abbashi Reza (Collection of Muslim painting, ceramics and jewelry), Museum Miniature, Museum of Carpet Farm (here is almost the largest carpet collection), two historical museums (on Schohad Square and on Vali-Ashr-Avenue), Negarestan Museum (Museum of the Imam Circassium, Museum Mohammad-Ali Raja, Ethnographic Museum ("Mousse Ye Mard Shenasi"), National Art Museum ("Museum Honarkae Melli"), Museum of Decorative Arts ("Musey-Jean Honarch Ye Tazi"), Museum of Contemporary Art near Park Lale, Museum of the Islamic Period (exhibits for culture and art), Museum of carpets Rassmaid Arabzade, National Museum of Water, Museum of Jewels (according to many experts, the richest collection of precious stones in the world), Jianns Museum, Museum of traditional art and crafts, National Museum of Malek (luxurious historical and cultural collection), Museum of cards on the territory of the Tehran Geographical Information Center, Museum of Calligraphy World-Emad in the Palace of Shad Abad, Museum of Tamashak-E Tarik with a very diverse collection of antiquities, Gift Museum Presidents of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the extensive museum complex Shad-Abad on the territory of the Summer Residence Shah – the Palace of Nation (Mellat Palace or "White Palace" The former Iranian Shaha Pehlev, now there is an exhibition complex here), Museum-Palace of Mother Shah, Museum of Fine Arts and T. D. Far outside the country are known to the Palace Museums Niavan and Saff Karabia, Museum of the Wildlife Hatchenar, Military Museum, Museum of the Province of Tehran, Museum of the Bank of Sepa, Martyrs Museum of Shiraza and Martyrs Museum of Behecht-Zahra, Iran Air Force Museum, Museum of Cinema, Numismatic Museum Museum, Museum of Post, University Science Museum (1959.), Museum of the artist Bezad, Museum of Dr. Hesby, two ethnology museum (one in the Palace of the Gostan, the other – in the palace of Shad-Abad), Geological Museum on Azady Avenue, Little Museum of Sculpture "13 Aban", Natural Science Museum in the Organization of Wildlife Protection of Iran, Zoological Museum and Luxurious Armory. It is unlikely that somewhere else in Central Asia can be found such a magnificence of historical and artistic collections, as in Tehran.


It is worth visiting the Pars Museum (collection of ancient works of art and crafts), Museum of the Iranian Print Agency (a huge exposition of the relics of the Zanda dynasty), Museum of Naporthane-Gavam (Archaeological finds), Museum of Couple (Relics of the Dynasty of Zanda), Military Museum of Atifabad, Anatomy Museum (self Very unusual phenomenon for the Islamic world), Museum of the History of Nature at Schiraz University and Hraft Tanan Museum (History of the Zand Dynasty).

Museums Iran


You can visit the Museum of the Kerman Diocese, the Hange-Ali Khan Museum, the Kerman Defense Museum, the Museum of the famous Iranian painter Ali Akbar Sanati-Zade, Private Museum of Sanati and Ethnological Museum in the building of the old teahouse.

Museums Iran

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