Museums Helsinki

In Helsinki, more than fifty museums and exhibition sites, and many of them are very original as the content of the expositions and the architecture of the buildings themselves.

Under the auspices of the Finnish National Gallery, three excellent meetings are combined: Sinebrukhov Museum of Fine Arts (Sinebrychoffin Taidemuseo) with a large collection of Western European painting, porcelain, silver and furniture, Museum "Atheneum" (www.ateneum.FI, Ateneumin Taidemuseo, 1887.) with a collection of traditional Finnish and foreign arts of the XVIII-XX centuries and already mentioned Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, illuminating the work of Finnish artists since the 60s of the XX century. And the city museum Helsinki also includes House of merchant Söderkholma (Sederholm Talo, 1757. – The oldest stone building of the capital) on Aleksanterinkatu, in which a children’s interactive museum is now working, Manor "Khakasalmi" (Hakasalmin Huvila, various temporary exhibitions) on Mannerheimintie and Tram Museum in the former depot, and now Cultural center Korjaamo (www.korjaamo.FI / RU, "Repair shop"; Theatrical, musical and visual art).

No less interesting to the whole dedicated to the history of the development of the Finnish ethnic volume and its culture National Museum of Finland (Suomen Kansallismuseo; Mannerheimintie, 34), Museum of Applied Art and Industrial Design (www.DesignMuseum.Fi, TaideTeolisuusMuseo), Art Museum Helsinki (www.Hel.FI / HKI / TAIMU / EN / GENERAL) in the complex Palace Tennis (Tennispalatsi, 1938.), also included in its composition Kluuvi gallery (www.Hel.FI / HKI / TAIMU / EN / Kluuvi + Gallery), Museum of Natural Science (www.Luomus.FI / RU / NHM /), Museum of Finnish architecture (Suomen Rakennustaiteen Museo, Kasarmikatu, 24) and Augustine Museum Erensved (Ehrensvard Museo), dedicated to the Swedish military architect, leaving the creation of a Suomenlinna serf complex from 1748 to 1772.

  • Museum "Atheneum"
  • Museums Helsinki
  • Building of the National Museum

Also interesting Museum of Didrichsen (www.Didrichsenmuseum.F / ENG /, Modern Foreign and Finnish Art), Museum of President Urho Keckonen (known to its quarter-to-date rule, balanced by politics and what was the champion of the country in several athletics disciplines), Art Museum of Amos Anderson (www.amosanderson.Fi, Amos Anderson Museum, Finnish art) and Art gallery Helsinki (www.Taidehalli.Fi, Helsingin Taidehalli; Nervanderinkatu, 3).

Also, many interesting exhibitions can be seen by visiting the media center Lasipalatsi ("Glass Palace", www.Lasipalatsi.Fi, built in the 1930s), Cultural Center Kaapelitehdas (literally transfer – "Cable factory", www.kaapelitehdas.Fi) in the Ruoholahti area with its part 12 galleries, museum and photo art museums, as well as the Museum of hotels and restaurants, the exhibition center of urban planning art Laituri ( just in the quarter west Monument Mannerheim and exhibition Center KiaSma, as well as wonderful Museum of Traditional People’s Architecture Seurasaaren Ulkomeseo (founded in 1909. And has the status of the National Park) on the island of Seurasari at the western coast of the capital. Here you can see many picturesque old Finnish wooden buildings brought from different parts of the country.

  • Facade of the Museum of Industrial Design
  • Kaapelitehdas

At the same time design district Pavanuori (Punavuori, "Red Mount", By the way, the most populous not only in the city, but in all Finland) lying around Sinebrukhov Museum In the south-west of the historic part of the city, will certainly enjoy all who are interested in fashion and design. Many studios, workshops, fashionable small shops and bars, nightclubs and restaurants are concentrated here.

Museums Helsinki

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