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Dusseldorf is famous for its numerous museums, galleries and exhibition spaces. One of the most significant is the collection of a couple of quarters of the north of Altstadt museum complex "Palace of Arts" (Kunst Palast, Kunstpalace), or architectural and museum complex Ehrenhof. His extensive horseshoe ensemble of the 1925-1926 construction is located between the Embankment of the Rhine and the North-West part of the Hofgarten Park in the Ehrenhof area (Ehrenhof 4-5, hence the second name). The complex includes a collection of Düsseldorf art gallery with a collection of old masters, the painting gallery of the XIX and twentieth centuries, more than 70 thousand graphic works of the XV-XX centuries, an extensive collection of sculptures and works of decorative and applied arts, as well as part of the funds of the German Museum of Entyry (HENTRICH, One of the largest collections of this kind in Europe – more than 3000 works) with works of the XVII-XIX centuries. – only more than 100 thousand exhibits! The museum regularly arranges thematic exhibitions, including dedicated photos, design, multimedia forms, and so on. Part of the exposition is submitted under the open sky, right on the surrounding set of lawns. And a little south is NRW-FORUM Museum, specializing in exhibitions of contemporary art, photography, mods, design and architecture.

  • Kunst Palast
  • NRW-FORUM Museum
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  • Museum of Contemporary Art of the Earth North Rhine – Westphalia

Famous Museum of German Ceramics and Porcelain (Hetjens Museum, Eutsches Keramikmuseum) is also located in Altstadt, just a quarter to the north of City Museum (Schulstrasse, 4). This is a unique collection of ceramic, porcelain and faience products from almost all the continents, all cultures and epochs. Founded the collection was Laurenis Etienne in 1909 and since then continuously expanded. The oldest exhibit here is dated about the VI millennium to our era, and the largest (ceramic dome from Pakistan, 1680 g.) occupies an area of ​​2500 kV. meters. Just 50 meters away is the complex Museum of cinema (Filmuseum Düsseldorf) with a cinema adjacent to it. And from the north, both museum is washed by the waters of Lake Alter-Hafen, which is another fragment of the river Dosesel.

Well, of course, it will be interesting and Theater Museum In the Hofgärtnerhaus mansion ("Palace of Gardener", 1769-1770.) on the outskirts of Hofgarten Park. The theater history of the city has more than 400 years, and all of them are presented in this charming collection, the beginning of which was found by the meeting of Dumont-Lindeman (Dumont-Lindemann-Archiv). Since 1872, there are a shop and library here, seminars and performances are held, and a charming cafe is opened in the courtyard.

  • Hetjens Museum
  • Facade of the city museum
  • Museum Museum Complex

Dusseldorf is considered "German capital mustard" – National cuisine is impossible to imagine without this seasoning. Therefore, it is not surprising that right in the historic center of the city was opened Museum Museum Museum (Düsseldorfer Senfladen & Museum; Berger Strasse, 29) in which you can get all the information about traditional recipes for the manufacture of this seasoning – and they are only officially about three hundred years, learn about local dishes with its use, and at the same time, and look at production or buy something to themselves on Memory and pleasure. A business card of the city is the varieties of Löwensenf and MostertpotttChe (the last, however, not a variety, but just a packaging form in a small clay pot).

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