Museums Amsterdama

Amsterdam – one of the largest art and museum centers of the world.

  • Museum Van Gogh
  • Royal Museum

You can visit the largest art museum of Holland and one of the best in Europe – Reyxmüzeum (1885 g., Flemish painting XV – XVII centuries.), Dutch Historical Museum In the Eastern Wing of Rexmüseum, Museum of Contemporary Art Startelike (modern Art), Museum Van Goga With the biggest collection of its works (about 200 paintings and 580 drawings), Rembrant Museum In the XVII building in. on iodenbreastrarat, Historic Museum Amsterdama, famous Museum of Tropic, Anna Frank Museum, Numerous diamond factories museums, Museum of the brewing company "Heinexen", Cabinet cats, Jewish Historical Museum In the combined building from 4 synagogues. Recently, the first in the world opened in Amsterdam "Zoo microbes" – Museum Micropia.

  • House Anna Frank
  • Flower bulbs
  • Museum "Heinken"
  • Museums Amsterdama

Among the spicy sites for visiting, in addition to the already mentioned Museum of Sex and the Museum of Torture, in Amsterdam there is the only one in Europe Museum of Gasisha, Marijuana and Cannabis At the Udziyds-Akhterbürgwalle, as well as located in a nearby building Museum of Tattoos and many other, equally original assemblies.

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About Amsterdam this

There is never anyway about this. Port in all the city – what you want? Ships from all over the world and sailors, stepping on Earth, – Required repair, recreation and entertainment. Read more →

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The world through the eyes of Genius

Today in Amsterdam he is almost everywhere – on the streets, in museums, on souvenirs. And on the street Yoodenbestratrataat, 4-6, – his house, which is now a museum. Museum of Rembrandt. Read more →

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HEINEKEN Museum Brewer

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