Museum under water

In mid-January, on one of the islands of the Canary Archipelago – Lanzarote – the museum at the bottom of the ocean opened. Earlier, we talked about the real ancient cities who went under water that can explore divers.

The creation of the museum required titanic efforts and was conducted for several years. More than 300 works of Sculptor Jason Deakirs Taylor form 12 installations. They demonstrate the beauty and vulnerability of nature. Each exhibit was created from an environmentally friendly concrete, which not only does not harm the environment, but also contributes to the emergence of new ecosystems. Algae may appear on it, which will subsequently create a new home for marine inhabitants.

Museum under water

Thus, the work "Human Circulation" consists of 200 statues of people in the natural value that form their bodies. Installation embodies our impotence and fragility before almighty nature, providing us with oxygen, regulating climate and giving food billions of people.

The main exposition of the Underwater Museum "Rubikon" entered the top 10 of the best art installation of 2016. 35 monumental figures are sent to a 30-meter concrete wall stretching along the bottom of the sea. In the center of an impressive building there is one-only passage. The creator itself calls this construction "Monument of Absurd" – a meaningless barrier in the ocean can be overcome from any side. "During the growing patriotism and protectionism, the wall is designed to remind us that we cannot divide our oceans, air, climate and the whole living world – we cannot divide our land as we divide our apartments. Do not forget that we are all part of the Unified Nature "- explains the sculptor.

Museum under water

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