Museum under the open sky Gorem

The Museum in the open-air Görema is the most famous and most visited attraction not only Cappadocia, but also Turkey. This is the monastery complex, which was tuned, starting from the first centuries of our era, when Cappadocia became a refuge for the first Christians, saving from the persecution of the Roman Empire and to the vague of Christianity of the period of the Iconality of 8-9 centuries, when Cappadocia again became a refuge for believers.

Museum under the open sky Gorere, Cappadocia, Turkey. Photo Credit: Lino Brunetti, Flickr

Museum in Görem, Cappadocia, Turkey. Photo Credit: Lee Tock Khian, Flickr

The complex consists of churches, monastic kesels and economic premises, which form an idea of ​​the life and weekdays of the ancient Christians. The cave church Herche was built in the 9th century and are known for their unique paintings and frescoes on the walls that are well preserved due to the natural features of Cappadocian caves.

Murals in Gorem, Cappadocia, Turkey. Photo Credit: TBEDSAUL1 (28401320 @ N03), Flickr

Open-air Museum, Gorem. Cappadocia, Turkey. Photo Credit: Nancy Crupi, Flickr

It is here in the Museum under the open-air heer is the church with frescoes that are preserved best. This is a dark church (Karanlik Kilise), the only church in the museum, in which the entrance is paid separately. Church entry cost – 10 lir. Usually there is some people in it, t.To. For an additional entrance are ready to pay only true connoisseurs of art.

Dark Church, Gorem. Cappadocia, Turkey. Photo Credit: Genie Gabel-Dunk, Flickr

Museum under the open sky Gorem

Practical information

The museum is a 15-minute walk from the hemer. The museum is a mandatory point in all excursions on Cappadocia, so there are always a lot of people here. If you want to inspect the museum individually, then the best time for visits is early morning or closer to the closure. At this time, you will have a chance calmly and almost alone to examine from the inside magnificent churches and cave dwellings.

The museum is open daily from 8.30 to 19.00 in summertime and up to 17.00 – Winter. The price also includes a visit to the church with a buckle (Tokali Kilise), the largest of Cappadocia cave churches. It is not in the museum, and a little down the road in the direction of Goreme.

Tokali Kilise, Goreme. Cappadocia, Turkey. Photo credit: Zapatilleando, Flickr

Church Tokali Kilise, Goreme. Cappadocia, Turkey. Photo credit: PROFI-LACK-TISCH, Flickr

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