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Museum Prado In Madrid today is one of the main European museums of fine art. Now in Prado is stored one of the most complete collections of works of Spanish painters – Velasquez, Goya, El Greco and Murillo. The collection covers the period from the 12th century (wall-mounted church painting) before the early 19th century. Here you can see the rarest medieval frescoes, a carving of the era of Gothic art, an excellent selection of the Renaissance, classic and realistic art era.

Huge squares of the Prado museum are allocated under the classic period of Italian painting. In the halls posted the works of the worst of early rebirth – Frand Angeliko, Botticelli, and works of masters of the classical Venetian school – Titian, Tintoretto, Veronese.

Prado Museum can be proud of a collection of Flemish painting. For a long time of modern Belgium, Luxembourg and Holland were the province of Spanish Crown. Kings diligently collected the most outstanding works of Bosch, Rubens, Wang Dequee and other artists.

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In addition, in the museum’s exposition there are representatives of the German, French and English classical schools of painting, a large collection of drawings, graphics, more than 200 antique sculptures and a selection of works of decorative art of different regions of Spain.

Prado Museum is open to visit from Monday to Saturday from 10-00 to 20-00, it works on Sunday from 10-00 to 19 hours. Ticket price – 14 euros for adults, 7 euros for owners of international student pass. Until 18 years, visit the museum is free.

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