Museum-Pavilion "How to removed" Harry Potter "

Today, almost every second resident knows the history of the Harry Potter’s Wizard Boy. This became possible thanks to the film by all the favorite stories about the struggle of good and evil.

Museum-Pavilion «How to shoot «Harry Potter» — Located near London, it is here that the studio is located «Warner Brothers, Livsden». For almost ten years, there was a painstaking work on images from the book, this is a kind of paradise for admirers of books and fans of films.

A huge number of decorations, costumes, a variety of artifacts is in two huge pavilions. Today they function as museums.


Museum-Pavilion «How to shoot «Harry Potter» — This is a real opportunity for a simple person for a moment to plunge into the world of magic, which created the writer Joan Rowling and film producers. Finding into the studio, you feel like an ordinary magician, that by a happy random hit the Magic School Hogwarts.

Museum-Pavilion «How to shoot «Harry Potter» — excursions satisfied daily, but such pleasure is expensive. Order Tickets can be exclusively via the Internet. To visit the studio dreams of many are thickened, they want to see the life of a beloved hero, to the touch to try the fantastic life of Harry Potter.


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