Museum of wax figures Madame Tussao in Beijing

Madame Tussao Museum in Beijing has opened relatively recently – May 31, 2014. He became the fourth such exhibition in China. The first opened in Hong Kong, the second in Shanghai, and the third in the city of Wuhan. By the way, for the uhang, it was a significant event, as there are not many attractions in the city, from the "top" you can remember only the Tower of Yellow Crane and the Hubeysky Museum.

Beijing Madame Tussao Museum became the biggest. It’s three times more than the first museum in Hong Kong, and the biggest similar museum in all Asia. The arrangement is chosen appropriate – Tsyunmen Street. The building is only 200 meters from Tiananmen’s Square, and it is very easy to reach here.

How to get

The easiest way to get to the Metro Beijing to Qianmen Station (Qianmen). After the exit you need to go through the high gate of gray with four floors of windows. Or focus on mausoleum Mao Zedong, you need to go from it.

After 200 meters on the left, Madame Tussao Museum will be.

What’s the cover charge

Adult ticket – 170 Chinese yuan. A ticket for children in 0.8 to 1.3 meters – 110 yuan. Children growing up to 0.8 meters – free.

Opening hours

From 10-00 to 21-00. Ticket cash regulations close at 20-00.

How much time plan for inspection

One hour grabs most visitors.

Exposure plan

It is divided into eight parts, and this separation is very conditional.

First Hall – A List Party

This is a collection of "first magnitude" stars according to Madame Tussao. Here visitors can walk along the red carpet. In this hall, wax figures of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp, Leonardo Di Caprio, Kate Winslet and George Clooney.

Second hall – movie stars

Here you can look at Bruce Willis, Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. Chinese visitors are greater interest to famous Chinese – Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee and Leslie Chun.

European tourists are perplexed why all the Chinese want to take pictures with Leslie Chong, and who is this? Answer. This is a super star asia, he singer, musician and actor. But Leslie Chun was shot only in Chinese films, and for this reason European tourists do not know him.

Third Hall – Music

Here are the figures of Madonna, Michael Jackson, Rihanna and Justin Bieber. The latter recently increased its popularity in China, removing the clip on the Great Wall. The clip turned out to be mediocre, but the fact of the Chinese was pleased.

The Chinese are most photographed with Tereg Teng and Ja Chow. And again, European tourists are perplexed who are? Teresa Teng was a very popular pop singer, she died from an attack of asthma in 1995.

But the appearance of Jay Chow is surprising, because he is from Taiwan. This is a very popular singer, musician and composer. He is a little removed in the cinema, and you could see him in the film "Illusion of Cheating 2".

Fourth Hall – Sport

Here you can look at Kobe Bryant (basketball player), David Beckham and Lionel Messi. But there are few people paying attention to them.

Main star of this hall – Yao Min. This is a famous Chinese basketball player in 2 meters of 29 centimeters. Chinese visitors are caused by the most lively interest, and everyone considers it mandatory to take a picture with him.

Another Chinese Star in this room – badmintonist Lin Dan. But even not all the Chinese know.

Fifth Hall – World Leaders

ours are looking at Vladimir Putin here, and who else? Other Exposure Participants: Elizabeth II, Prince William and Princess Kate Middleton, Barack Obama and Karl Marx.

Museum of wax figures Madame Tussao in Beijing

Surprisingly, but in this room there is neither Mao Zedong, nor Dan Xiaopin, nor any other Chinese policy. But it is in this room worth the figure of Steve Jobs. In China, he is very popular, and Apple stores are always "bitcom" by buyers, we have already talked about it in the article about Nanjing Street in Shanghai.

Sixth Hall – Television

Here you can see the following stars: Jan Lan, San Lee, Son Son Hon and others.

How? You do not know any of them? I also do not know.

Seventh Hall – Peking Spirit

Do not be afraid, smells in this room normally. Here are wax figures of people who have made a great contribution to the development of the capital of China or simply famous Beijing.

Jan Lyvay – the first Chinese cosmonaut. By the way, he honestly admitted that the Great Chinese Wall from Space is not visible.

Robin Lee – Creator of the Chinese National Search Engine Baidu. He was somewhat helped by the authorities of the country, because the Internet in China is subjected to censorship. After blocking in China, Google search engine, Baidu has strongly strengthened, and now ranks second in the world.

Lao She – Great Chinese Writer. Hou Baolin – the famous actor of the conversational genre. Pan Shioi – famous developer. We know them badly, but in China they are very popular.

Eighth Hall – behind the scene

The wax figure of Madame Tussao is exhibited here. Also in this room you can see how these figures are created, and familiarize yourself with the history of museums.

Small conclusions

Compared to other landmarks of Beijing, visiting Madame Tussao Museum is expensive. For example, the entrance to the Forbidden City costs only 60 yuan, you can get into the summer palace for 30 yuan, in the temple of the sky – 35 yuan.

Is it worth spending money for several interesting wax figures? After all, half of the characters in the Museum our tourists simply do not know. You decide. For my part, I told about this place all I know.

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