Museum of viticulture and winemaking in Stuttgart

This museum is located in the wine-growing area of ​​Ulbach, which, by the way, has a history of 8 centuries. A half-timbered house, which was previously a pressing workshop of the 20th century, keeps the exposition. Public Davilny acted from the beginning to the end of the 20th century.

The museum is called «Old press». Inside the building, the interior is partially preserved, including here are old wines for wines for more than 100 years and heavy presses. The most ancient exhibits include various Cups, clay and wood vessels, which go to the time of the Roman Empire, wine storage tubes, interesting posters with information about how to deal with vintage pests. Tourists can look into the workshop where Bondar works, and live to see how the process of cooking is happening.

Museum of viticulture and winemaking in Stuttgart Sights of Stuttgart Travel Guide

The museum presents the history of winemaking for more than two thousand years, from the Roman Empire to this day. Inside reigns an unusual atmosphere, details from past centuries, a spacious attic, wine barrels… After inspecting the museum exposure, you will be offered to taste the best wine varieties of Stuttgart. Here you can explore the traditions of cooking. For the entrance to the museum will have to give no more than 2 euros.

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