Museum of Urban Transport and Railways

In September 2001 Museum of Urban Transport and Railway in Pardubice Opened a permanent exhibition called Museum of Rosice, from June 1, 2002 exposure expanded. The museum is located in the former building of hydraulic structures at the station Pardubice -rosice-Nad Labem. Visitors can visit six halls and a rich outdoor collection. It is up to a seven of relics and documents from the history of railways and urban transport mainly from the region Pardubice. Some of the exhibits from the moment of launching the museum can be found on the page dedicated to exhibits.

The history of the hydraulic structures began in 1871, and it still functions. In the engine room there is a steam boiler steam machine and a water pump. On the first floor there are two water tanks, each capacity of 30 cube.M. Private water supply was served by the pipeline from the elba, which was equipped with a sluice gate.

In 1930, the steam engine was dismantled, and two electric drives were installed in its place. But since the water consumption of water consumption was not enough, and the nutrition was not stable, it was decided to congestive and install stable gasoline engines Lorenc.

After World War II, engines disappear in an unknown direction, and in 1951 the installation is restored and re-connected. Plumbing «operation» Ends in 1979, when the last steam locomotive was left in the Pardubice depot.

Museum of Urban Transport and Railway Attractions Pardubice Travel Guide

Since 1984, various unnecessary things are kept in the premises of hydraulic structures of stations, which later entered the exhibition of the museum. But from the second half of the 90s, more and more garbage accumulates, in the building they live homeless and it is destroyed.

Actually, the museum was created at the end of 2000, when the club of the construction of the railway railway Pardubice took the placement. The building was again approved for the permanent exposition of the museum. Since September 2001, the museum began installing exhibits (control panels, cranes, engines, trains layouts, etc.D.). The building is also announced by the cultural monument.

In the street exposure there are many copies of old transport: locomotives, cars, cars, copies of urban transport, for example, trolleybuses of different years of release. Wishing can make nostalgic trips in historical transport.

Museum of Urban Transport and Railway Attractions Pardubice Travel Guide

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