Mount Taku in Vietnam

Just 40 kilometers from Muyne is the sacred mountain of Vietnamese Buddhists. In Mount Taku placed the largest in Vietnam, the sculpture of the lying Buddha and the old pagoda. It is here who seek pilgrims and visitors to tourists.

Mountain Taku is a complex of Buddhist pagodas, temples and statues, it is a celi monks, sacred burial. Nowadays, the construction of Buddhist characters is still continuing.

The cost of a trip to Mount Taku

About 160 thousand Dongs are a comprehensive ticket that includes traveling along a cable car, a trip to the electric car and the entrance ticket.

Entrance ticket when lifting on foot costs 15 thousand dong for adults and 10 thousand – for children.

Riding on an electric car in the territory costs 8 thousand dongs adults and half less children.

The ticket for the funicular will cost 60,000 dongs up and as much down.

Traveling in Taki, often combine with familiarity with other attractions: Lighthouse KE HA, Camm Towers, Phanthetu Tower, Crocodile Farm or Hot Mineral Sources. Cost of combined excursions from 25 to 55 dollars. You can find in travel agencies and a trip only to the mountain. The price of such an excursion will be about 25 dollars.

As a rule, excursions take place from 8:00 to 12:00 or from 14:00 to 18:00.

How to get to Buddhist Mountain

We offer several versions of the trip to Mount Taku.

First, you can take a taxi in Phatetehe or Muin. Together with the our-speaking driver who will be to you and guide.

Secondly, you can order in these cities a tour and go along with the group or individually on excursion transport.

Third way – moving on buses. You first go to Phantheet (read about this path in our article dedicated to the resort town), then sit on bus number 4, and you are in place. But in time this way is costly, and not comfortable.

Fourth way for confident tourists. Rent a motorbike and navigator or sign on the road to go to the goal.

You can climb on the mountain itself in two ways:

– on the cable car and then on the electric car.

– And you can climb on foot, how do all the pilgrims do, among the jungle (and this is more than 1000 steps). Such a way will take 2-2.5 hours. During the ladder there are stay shops.

Travel time

The road from Phanthet to Taku will take from one and a half to two hours, depending on what you will go.

If you climb the slide with legs, add a couple more hours. Spend 10 minutes on the funicular.

Sightseeing itself – 1-1.5 hours.

The sightseeing trip to the mountain is long lasting about 4 hours.

Several historical and fictional episodes about Buddhist monuments

Located in Taki (and the mountain height is about 500 meters) the sights appeared on it at different times.

If the Pagoda was erected in 1861 at the time of stay on the throne of the Nguyen dynasty, the Buddha statue was "laid" next to the temple in 1965. Three years of the Buddhists gathered funds and built the sculpture on the mountain.

Mount Taku in Vietnam

Mount glorified, herself not wanting, ink cham chuu so. It was at the beginning of the 19th century. He settled in a liner built with his own hands. Himself built a wooden pagoda on the mountain. It was the perfect place for his meditation.

Another monk was well versed in herbs. Local residents have made about his meaningful abilities and began to contact Chan Chuu Soak for help. Famous by the time of the ink healed and the mother of the emperor you are so. In the sign of appreciation, he built on the mountain, after the death of a henchman-hermit, a pagoda of stone.

The sculpture of the tiger on the mountain is associated with another legend. Once a hungry tiger came out of the forest to Chan Chuu. The Grozny Animal did not attach a monk, but it remains to guard him from other unsolicited visitors to the dwelling. After the death of the sign, found a dead white tiger. Next to the grave of the hermit is also the burial of his guard.

Pagoda Linshon Chiongthkho is a way of a sacred mountain, the symbol of the center of the world. Pagoda, usually, have 7 or 9 tiers. At the top of the pagoda put spire. He denotes the Ascension of the Buddha, his exit from the pre-established circle of Sansary (this is marked by karma of death and birth cycle).

Rising above the pagoda, see three statues of Buddha. The project for which they were erected, created by Bonse Thick Win THO (in Pagoda by the Main Monk).

There is a Buddha himself. The statue has a length of 49 meters, and a height of 11 meters. For the construction of the statue of the Buddha, the monks themselves raised the building material from the Podgora to the top. According to the signs, it is necessary to touch the right elbow of the Buddha Shakyamuni to fulfill the desire.

Tips for the Conquerors of the Mountain Taku

– Trip to nature, and even more so in the mountains, should not overshadow uncomfortable shoes, lack of headdress, covered clothes, hiding body from sunlight. For this reason, consider your outfit before a visit visit.

– There are quite a few temples on the mountain, and for entry in them you need to be appropriate: shoulders and knees should be hidden for clothes.

– At the foot of the mountain you can leave your vehicle on guarded parking.

– A large number of souvenir shops do not give tourists a single chance to leave without a gift.

– In the shops on the mountain, the resin "Chom" is sold from which the drink is made. Sterkulia tree grows on the slopes, the resin is produced from it for this cool drink. In souvenir shops you will be offered and the drink itself for tasting. Do not miss the opportunity to quench your thirst for exotic drug.

– Not far from Pagoda opened a restaurant. There are on top of the mountain and guesthouse – hostel. You can spend the night.

A trip to the mountain may seem tedious to you, but the positive impressions of it will remain in memory for a long time.

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