Mount Sobolinaya (Mount Sobolinaya)

Slavic mountain – Ski center located in the south of Baikal, in the Irkutsk region, near the city of Baikalsk. This is the largest ski complex of the region, consisting of 12 certified trails and lifts.

There are three hotels on the territory of the complex, SKI-bars and restaurants, a ski equipment rental and a storage room, a sports shop, a parking lot. Popular winter holiday place at Irkutan.

  • Local slopes (the highest point of 1004 m above sea level, more than 15 km of tracks) are perfectly suitable for both professional skiers and for learning how to ski newcomers.
  • Duration of the season – 180 days (beginning of November – Beginning of May).
  • Average daytime temperature in winter -10…-15°WITH.
  • In April-May (velvet season) -3°WITH.
  • Thickness of snow cover – About 2 meters.
  • Ski resort capacity «Slavic mountain» exceeds 3,500 people per day.
  • Mount Sobolinaya (Mount Sobolinaya)
  • Official site of the resort "Slavic mountain" – site

Elephants, tracks, lifts

  1. Higher point of skating – 1004 M
  2. Maximum height difference – 500 meters
  3. 12 certified trails, length of more than 15 km
  4. The longest route – 2 100 meters
  5. Width tracks – 40-60 M
  6. There are illuminated route
  7. Running ski tracks – 5 and 10 km
  8. Tubing highway
  9. Snowpark (two springboard with a slope of about 30°)
  10. 8 lifts, including suspended chairlift
  11. Three comfortable hotels that can at the same time take 192 people
  12. Preparation of ski slopes are carried out by two snowstaters.
  13. Several tracks are equipped with an artificial lighting system.
  14. Scheme of traces – site

How to get to the Mount Sobolina

Resort «Slavic mountain» Located between the cities of Irkutsk (150 km) and Ulan-Ude (300 km), in which airports have airports.

From Ulan-Ude and Irkutsk to Baikalsk can be reached by car, bus or rail (most convenient option).

By train

For this trip, railway transport from any of two cities you need to take a ticket for the nearest train or train station to Baikalsk. Travel time – 3-3.5 hours.

Motor transport

From Irkutsk to Baikalsk, you can drive on the route taxi (comfortable minibuses) from the bus station and the central market. The trip will cost you 200 rubles (+50 rubles, if you are with sports fee) and will take 2.5-3 hours. Schedule and place can be found by phone: 89500808729, 89025138694. Better call in advance, per day.

In Ulan-Ude, the route taxi to Baikalsk departs from the railway station from 8:00 to 20:00 every 2 hours. The trip will cost you 350 rubles and will take 4.5 hours. Schedule you can learn by phone.: 8 (39542) 33388; Mob: 89501127159, 89025138694, 89085448115.

From the city center of Baikalsk to the resort of Slavina Mountain departs taxi, trip cost – 60-70 rubles (about 3 km).

Mount Sobolinaya (Mount Sobolinaya)

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