Mount Sky (Mount Nebo)

Mount Sky (Mount Nebo) – Located east of the northern tip of the Dead Sea, is located 817 m above sea level, in the present Western Jordan, 7 kilometers from the city of Madaba.

According to Deuteronomy, on the mountain of Nevo, the Lord pointed to Moses on the ground promised: «And climbed Moses with Moavitsky plains on the mountain of Nevo, to the top of the Faja, which is against Jericho, and the Lord showed him the whole earth of Galad to the very dan…».

At the top of the mountain is "Moses Memorial" – it is believed that he is buried here. Mountain Neo is under the care of the Order of Franciscans.

At the top of the mountain, an ancient mosaic panel remained, the remains of the first church, built at the end of the IV century, in order to note the place of the death of Moses and the remains of the monastery of the IV-VI centuries. NS.

Mount Sky (Mount Nebo)

Mountain Nevo – one of the most visited places of Jordan. Here he visited the country and Pope (John Paul II) during his visit, as the olive tree in memory of his stay.

From here to clear weather you can see not only the dead sea and the West Bank of the Jordan River, but also the distant brilliance of Jerusalem temples.

Getting up to the mountain sky more convenient for a taxi, inspecting Madaba monuments or heading for the Dead Sea.

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