Mount Rushmore. Durability provided by nature

On Mount Rushmore in the US, the presidents memorial and the main tourist value for a huge nation, which is located in South Dakota. It’s not just the memory of people, who did a lot for their country, but also historical value for centuries. It begins with a column alley, which means states. On columns there are dates of accession to the USA, there are here and their flags.

A bit of history

At the beginning of the twenties, Publicist Dan Robinson, in order to visit the staff as many tourists as possible to this state, filed an interesting idea of ​​creating broadcasting identities, Gloomed In the days of the conquest of the Indians. Sculptor Hudson Borglum I liked this idea, Next year, he came to personally inspect the expected place under this project. One of the mountains in the Black Hills array was chosen, as the highest place here, but Borglum suggested carving in the rock of famous figures – four presidents of the United States, which made a lot for the good of the country, the historian agreed with such a project.

First, this idea did not give permission, but when it was received, it turned out that there was not enough financing. Sponsors doubted, but President Kulidge allocated money. Borglum began working in 1927, in the first year of the beginning of the war he died, without bringing the project to the end, and Military actions prevented safe project implementation. The mountain was subordinate to themselves with the help of explosives and pneumatics, the surface was polished.

Why they?

George Washington, Entered the first to the post of president, reached independence from England. He became the father of a very young country, introduced democratic theses. This is the biggest personality.

Thomas Jefferson was the third president, he wrote a declaration. He joined Louisiana to the country, having filled it from the French Republic at the beginning of the 19th century.

Abraham Lincoln He became 16 president, committed with slaves, in the difficult time of conflict between Northerners and Southerners wise rules of the country.

Theodore Roosevelt, The twenty-sixth president, influenced the decision on the Panaman Channel, ensured the right of the working class.

Mount Rushmore. Durability provided by nature

About Memorial

Persons of the presidents reach eighteen meters in height. Every day, a lot of people will come to this territory to take pictures against the background of such a monument. You can visit the excursion about the Wild West and about, How was this place. Near the trail of the presidents can be seen similar to the present Indian settlement. In the warm months of the year there is a sculptor museum, where you can see not only photos, but also tools that were used in construction, all these things are kept carefully. The inspection of the memorial at night seems more interesting, because there is a backlight of searchlights, in full dark on the background of the starry sky looks amazing, it seems that all these presidents are sternly looking at visitors.

By the way, the natural destruction of the stone in the rock is very insignificant, but just in case Computer viewing was conducted. If suddenly the memorial will be destroyed, then these actions will help to return to him former appearance.

Payment for entry into the territory of the memorial place is not, The fee is made by parking. Nearby are a shop with souvenirs and catering restaurants.

This man-made landmark attracts lovers of sightseeing tourism and connoisseurs of history.

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