Mount Olympus

Everyone who is familiar with Greek mythology, at least once heard about the Great Mount Olympus, on which the tops of the fate of antiquity lived – twelve major gods. According to the legend, they built Olympus cyclops, whom Zeus released from the kingdom of darkness. The majestic draws were built on Olympus, who decorated Hephaest, and the great deities drank nectars in them, they built intrigues and watched the lives of ordinary mortals.

Today, anyone can get to Olympus. There is this mountain range consisting of four peaks, near the resort village of Litohoros, on the border of the Fessels and Macedonia. Peak Mitikas, or «Top Zeus» – The highest mountain in Greece with a height of almost three thousand meters, it can be seen from afar, the peak is also viewed and from the vertices of other mountain arrays, it is possible that therefore the ancient Greeks and marked their gods exactly here.

Mount Olympus Attractions Leptokaria Travel Guide

You can make the climb on any of the vertices, however, especially popularity uses Mitikas and Stephanie, the last from afar resembles a chair, for which he was called the throne of Zeus. From Litohoreos, you can climb a height of 1,100 meters by car, where the observation deck is located. From there, anyone can make climbing, it does not require special skills, except, except, endurance, because the path in both directions can take about a day. All tracks and paths on Olymp are equipped with pointers, so it will not be lost here. Or maybe this ancient gods indicate all the way?

However, Mount Olympus is perfectly visible from many car tracks of Greece, including those walking along the coast. Therefore, to take a picture against the background of Olympa can every tourist without any problems.

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