Mount Noah Lodge – Land Hotel on Yachts

The unique Hotel Mount Noah Lodge in South Africa offers tourists to stay on a yacht without risk to get sea disease. Several comfortable yachts are stored on site, each has a hotel room. All boats are installed on special stands, and only one moored in the hotel’s pool, located in Audtshorn (Oudtshoorn), from which to the sea – more than 50 kilometers.

This unusual idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtourist accommodation appeared by chance, writes Daily Mail. The first Sagitta yacht was left here when her trailer broke into Durban. The second ship, which appears in the hotel – Bekka Round The World. The owner of the 7-meter boat left it after his round-the-world journey was interrupted by local authorities. Since then, five more boats have been added to the land fleet, and each of them has its own unique history. On board yachts are located both ordinary rooms and luxury apartments.

Mount Noah Lodge - Land Hotel on Yachts

Mount Noah Lodge also has three ordinary "land" Rooms, Internet Access on Wi-Fi and a small conference room. On the yacht moored in the pool of this bizarre hotel, there is a captain’s bar and a traditional South African restaurant. Accommodation on yachts costs from 93 euros per day.

Audshorn (Oudshurn) is halfway between Port Elizabeth and Cape Town, 50 kilometers to the northwest of George.

Mount Noah Lodge - Land Hotel on Yachts

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