Mount Matterhorn in Switzerland – Deadly Top Alps

The peak located on the territory of the intersection of Switzerland and Italy attracts a large number of tourists who love Extreme. Every year, the peak of the mountain is trying to conquer about 3 thousand climbers, and several hundred travelers come to her foot to enjoy majestic species.

general information

But the mountain is not only beautiful, but also dangerous. Every year several dozen people die on its territory. Located this natural attractions in Penian Alps and in fact crosses the border of two European states.

Height Matterhorn is about 4478 meters. Moreover, you can clearly see two peaks, between which the state border passes. It is worth noting that the height Italian Peak on 1 meter below Swiss.

Historical facts

Separately, it is worth telling about the history of this place. For the first time residents at the foot of the mountain appeared in times Roman Empire. It is noteworthy that people never settled on the slopes of the mountain, because they considered them refuge devil. Most likely, people came to this conclusion due to frequent Lavin, Kohnpadov and frightening the mountains.

Attempts to climb were started in 1857 year. But the first successful climb was recorded in 1865 year. A few persons participated in the expedition, but especially worth noting the work Edward Wimper, who developed a new plan for climbing.

The company of 7 people has taken several attempts, the first of them were unsuccessful, but on July 14, the ascent turned out to be successful. But, some of the forwarders tragically died when he made a descent.

Mount Matterhorn in Switzerland - Deadly Top Alps

Climbing on top

Currently exists Two routes. The beginning of one of them is in Italy, And the other B Switzerland.

In order to climb the mountains in the mountains of working with a rope and skills to move on the rocky relief. Before you start your climb, everyone must pass a training course that will be able to protect the climbing.

Those who first conquer Matterhorn It is worth starting your way in Swiss territory. The fact is that it is from the side Switzerland route is most safe, Holiday huts are equipped here, special cables are suspended and insurance is organized.

Climbing can be performed throughout the year. Experienced climbers note that the climbing is worth starting not later than three o’clock in the morning, only in this case can you go down to the onset of twilight.

Mount Matterhorn in Switzerland - Deadly Top Alps

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