Mount Massive. Colorado

Mount Massive Second The highest peak in Colorado and Third largest in 48 States, But which is bypassed in height only California mountain Whitney and the one in the neighborhood Mount Elbert. The name speaks for itself. She has integers five High Points on high 14000 feet And along 3-mile ridge. The array has an area more than any other mountain in 48 states. Mountain, along with Elbert, forms most of the horizon line Lidville, which goes on 11 miles east and a little north.

Mount Massive is a part Saudch Rindj, Formed due to a tectonic lift, where two tectonic plates (currently disappeared plate Farallon, crushed under North American slab) had an active and somewhat rare subducts border. The rarity was explained by the angle of subduction, which was only about 20 degrees, because of which volcanism deepened much further inside the country than usual.

In this wilderness there are several Ice lakes. The lower slopes of the mountain are covered with twisted wide forests that are gradually inferior ate Engelman and Fir Schasavoplodnaya. Forest border below on 12000 feet. Mountain and thirty 540 acres the surrounding area were determined by the Congress in 1980 Desert terrain. Being there any tourist should stick to the rules of this desert.

The first climb was carried out in 1873 Henry Gannet.

How to get there

The nearest airport is before the start of the trail International Denversky Approximately B 140 mily. Arrive in Lidville, move on the west of Highway 70, then take on the way 195 before Highway 91. It connects S Highway 24 front Lidville.

To go to the standard road to the mountain Array, should drive a car highway 24 south out Lidville 3.6 miles. Collapse right Colorado 300, Then left K County Lake 11. Turn right on the dirty road where there will be a sign on Hamilton Creek. Drive the border National Forest San Isabel 3.9 miles. Parking at the beginning of the trail will be through 0.7 miles.

Information on climbing

If you thoroughly adapt to the rise, climbing Mount Massive will be a pleasant day campaign. Its duration depends on physical training, but mostly the main trail takes from 5 hours to full day. But whatever route was chosen, the main thing is to go too early. Midday thunderstorms usual phenomenon in summer. Mountain rises above the border of the forest and in the thunderstorm there will be no protection against lightning. Acclimatization is a key.

Here are given Two main trails, Two almost faint-blooded trails from the north, and Multiple ridges and mountain slopes array, for which rarely rise.

1. The main way To Mount Massive – Standard route to the mountain, 13.6 mile The path in both sides, with the lifting on 4370 feet.

2. Western passage along the trail Halfmun Creek &# 8211; This route is another popular way to climb on top, through a crushed pass. Short trail to the top, but cool and more complex. In both sides of approximately 9 miles with raising by 3870 feet. This is not a formal route to the mountain Array. However, it is popular, but it is difficult to find a turn on Top for climbers. In guidebooks it says that anyone who goes to see Pyramid from stones. According to topographic maps, it is about 2 miles. As it turned out, the pyramid of stones is located in the western part of the meadow. If climbing in the summer months, then it can be noted that it is located in the center of the field of huge deciduous plants. Then the path leads up to some stones that look as if they could be part Waterfall During the Stoke.

3. Route to the southwest slope – The shortest route to Mount Massive Lena 6.2 miles with a rise in height 3870 meters. This route is coming to the beginning of the trail Halfmoon Creek.

4. Route to the southeast slope – Variation from the standard route, cutting outstanding ridges to the point 12381. it eleven.4 miles round trip.

Mount Massive. Colorado

5. Northern Ridge – This is a route in length in 11 miles taking into account the back. During the hike, it takes rise to height 4660 feet.

6. Northeastern slopes – This long route stretches on fourteen.2 miles. In this side constantly lies snow and cold, It is recommended to dress appropriately. Available through Lake Nalet on the northeast side.

7. Eastern Ridge &# 8211; The remote route includes hiking on eleven.7 miles.

eight. Tour de Massival – This is a tour of 9 Mount Mountains Array significantly harder than the main vertex. You can make a tour from 4 Any initial points.


1. The number of people in the group is limited to 15.
2. All dogs should be on leashes.
3. For garbage use special blue packages.

When planning campaign

Optimum time for hike array from June to September, Depending on the state of snow and weather. Winter and spring climbing happen rarely, Especially ski climbers.

Mount Massive. Colorado

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