Mount Kazbek: Walk from Stepanmindes to Troitsk Church in Gergeneti

Arriving to a new country, exactly how we define for ourselves, what cities we want to visit, for what villages to walk, in which museums go, next to what monuments to take pictures? Those about which is most written in guidebooks? Those that heard the most on TV or saw in the movies? Those whose photographs of the Internet are fisted? Most often, we choose them and choose them, but sometimes the choice happens to others, coming from the outside, but from the inside us. So happened to me with the Georgian Village Kazbegi. Now it is called Stepantsminda, but for some reason I like the old name.

Prerequisites that from dozens and hundreds of interesting places of Georgia I will choose exactly this, go rooted in childhood. When I was ten years old, I first heard the word from dad «KazBek» — That is how he called our watchdog dog, who was just rex for everyone. It turned out that the so-called the mountain, which my father never seen in his life, but the Pushkin chasted so colorfully and tempting. Many know strings «Highly over the family of the mountains, Kazbek, your royal tent shines eternal rays. », But do not even guess where this is a miracle of nature.

So it was decided to go to look at Mount Kazbek so that the dad know where it is and what is to know himself, whose proud name wore my long deceased dog.

In Stepantmond, we went from Tbilisi on a minibus. The details of the path and the sights of those edges were not particularly sent, the main thing was Kazbek, and what to read about the mountain, it must be seen. Because of our ignorance, the road to the village has become a perfect surprise, because she was not ordinary, and Military Georgian. The Military Georgian is called the road passing through the main Caucasus ridge and connecting Vladikavkaz and Tbilisi. Such beauty, perhaps, before that, did not see, even began to overcome the dream, as a hand shot. Snowy tops of the mountains, appearing, like a snake, road, octara sheep, sneaking gorges – What can be a dream here?

Three hours in the way flew unnoticed while we are Ahali and Okhali, a tyach of the fingers into the window, drove up to Stepanminte. At the bus stop we immediately overturned local aunt, in line by offering housing in which we had no need, but if we decided to spend the night or spend a few days in Kazbehi, there would be no problem.

The village is located in the heart of the Caucasian Mountains, so you can imagine what panions are opening your eyes, you can not want to have a few days here, but also a lifetime.

However, Stepantsminda met not the most clear weather, because of what we were upset a little, because I did not see the alarming perspective to see the top of Kazbek.

Even the legend walks that the mountain is not all of it and shows it. If a man is good – will see Kazbek in all its glory, if bad – the mountain will hide the top in the clouds and do not see it as their own ears.

Hike to Trinity Church in Gergheti

It is worth noting that the mountain is clearly visible from the village, but, I think, almost all the travelers who come to Stepanmond, seek to visit Trinity Church in Gratets (Gratery Tsminda Samebe), admiring on the way opening views, well, and Kazbek, naturally. Rushed there and we.

The Gratet Samebe is located high in the mountains. To get to it, you need to go through the village of Gergeneti, which smoothly follows from Stepanminda.

It is very interesting to watch the local lifestyle: what are people here, what they do, in which houses they live, because their life is completely different, away from civilization. Maybe they lived ten, and twenty, and fifty years ago. It seems that in such places the time flows slower and has nowhere, and there is no need to rush. Someone can show the village boring and poorly, someone is distinctive and romantic. I’m closer the second option.

After the village begins the rise in the dirt road passing through a beautiful forest. The path becomes more and more winding, as if the traces remark. In some places you can cut off, but for this you will have to climb on the slopes and you need to be ready for a sharp rise.

Those who are lazy, do not want or can not walk, have the opportunity to get to Troitsk Church on their car or taxi, the rest can and should make a fascinating walk. The rise takes two hours (if we take photos every 10 steps), it is a little tedious, but on the way you will wait for amazing beauty of landscapes, decent brushes and the pen of the greatest masters – They, of course, are forced to forget about fatigue and other adversity. Ay yes Pushkin, knew what places need to sing))

At the foot of the mountains of the Kalachik, as if the cat was fitted in the sun, the village of Stepantsminda curled.

How long, briefly, went out on the finish line, in the distance it seemed surprisingly unusual zaminda sameab. It is undoubtedly interesting in itself, especially for religious people, but we are more impressed by how organically she fits into the surrounding landscapes. Heard that once she was not only a church, but also a fortress, here the Georgian shrines were hiding here, defending them during the times of enemy invasions.

This is the temple and the monastery of Pushkin once dedicated his poem «Monastery at Kazbek»:

High above the family of the mountains,
Kazbek, your royal tent
Shines eternal rays.
Your monastery for clouds,
As in the sky, the cutting ark,
Parit, a little prominent, above the mountains.

Distant, linedbreaking!
There b, saying forgive the gorge,
Climb free embroidery!
There b, in the transcendent celle,
In the neighborhood of God to hide me!

Meanwhile, we all waited for what Czazbek decides – we are good or evil, worthy of seeing his top, or let’s go with nothing. The wind is becoming stronger, instilling the hope that he will be able to deal with the clouds.

Around the church and inside there was quite a lot of visitors. Tsminda SAMEB is considered a very strong, marvelous place, come here to ask to get rid of the ailments and, they say, helps. The church is old, it costs here since the XIV century, it is difficult to imagine how many suffering she has already helped.

Inside, it is impossible to photograph, yes especially and nothing, the decoration is quite modest, it is immediately clear that it is not for external manifestations here oriented. In the church, there are several monks who conduct services.

Next to the church there is a source with holy water, everyone can drink water, wash the face and continue to admire the surroundings. Serene landscapes complement the same serene grazing boreni.

From the site next to the temple opens a wonderful view of Stepanminid, groping between the mountains. Here you also feel, in the arms of the Caucasian ridges, the sensations are just fantastic.

Finally, it was a bit straightened and managed to see the top of the handsome Kazbek, it means that everything is in order with karma))

Having in love with the Mountains, and let the wrong way went to the opposite way.

Mount Kazbek Walk from Stepanmindes to Trinity Church in Gergeneti

Going down it was easy and fun, impressions and emotions were over the edge, and here nature threw another little gift.

Eh, it was necessary to plan to spend a few days here in order to have time to enjoy the local nature, its greatness, tranquility and peace.

I can say with all confidence that the place is just fabulous! Me Stepantsminda, Gregty, Tsminda Samebe and Kazbek really liked. Highly! I did not wait for this trip, because she was spontaneous, I just did not have time to formulate my expectations. Maybe therefore the impressions turned out to be so clean, not lubricated tons of read information about other people’s emotions about this place. Yes, and in general I love nature and everything connected with hiking fun: feeling of freedom, falling out of time, infinity of space. I can only recommend visiting everyone here and everyone who adheres to the same opinion!

Enjoy your walks at the foot of Kazbek, dear readers!

Sheboldasik and Andrews

Useful information on Stepanmind (as of May 2013)

How to get to Stepanminda (Kazbegi) from Tbilisi and back

You can get from Tbilisi to Stepandzmonds on a minibus from the bus station at the Metro Didube. The first goes at 9:00. On the way 3-3.5 hours, the fare of 10 Lari. It was also received a proposal to take us to Kazbegi for 15 lari with a person with stops of Ananuri, Zhinval and Min. water. From Stepanminda, the last minibus in Tbilisi is departed at 18:00, it costs as much.

On bus, most likely, the name of the end item will be indicated «Kazbegi», Since the village was renamed the village relatively recently (in 2007), change the plates, apparently, hands do not reach.

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