Mount Hiydenvory in Karelia – a beautiful place next to the sorting

In the very north, Ladoga is Mount Haydenvori or mountain chysy. She rises above the village of Hiidselda in Karelia. The height of the vertex 111 meters. Hiish &# 8212; This is an evil forest spirit in Karelian mythology, a colleague of our Leshgo. Karelias in folk songs represent it in the form of a Giant – the owner of the forest. In Kalela, a collection of Karelian-Finnish folk songs, the word chiysi sometimes means a bad place in the forest. In addition, Chidessee can mean any evil spirit, not necessarily forest.

By local believing, the place is not good.

It did not prevent the Finns to arrange an observation point on the top of the mountain. Probably, Karelia called the mountain, because of the fact that it resembles a bent back of the stone giant bent.

The observation point is the horizontal grotto, which under the top of the mountain ends with a hall with a vertical mine in the center. Over the mine planned to establish an anti-aircraft installation.

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The village itself is interesting only by the fact that The first mention of it refers to 1500. It is mentioned in the sources of the former Novgorod Republic, which just a few years ago became part of the Moscow state. They then ruled Ivan III &# 8212; Grandfather Ivan Grozny.

Top Hiidervory rises above the forest and it’s clearly visible with it the entire district. They say in good weather, You can see the island of Valaam in the distance.

In the Finnish observation item you can get from the top. It is necessary to go to the side opposite from the road (or from the Yanisyoki River) a few meters, there will be a horizontal mine. It is usually a lot of water, especially in the spring, so it is better to enter rubber boots.

How to get to Hiydenvory

To the village of Hydencelga, the road begins with a fork between Flakel and Rautalachti.

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If you go from the side of the lykel, then the turn will be left. There is a signpost. You can enter the navigator Coordinates of the vertices of Mount Hyidseld: 61 ° 43&# 8217; 15,23&# 8243; N 30 ° 58&# 8217; 59,49&# 8243; E.

You do not need to go to the village &# 8212; The top view on the top begins at the beginning of the village on the right side. The path is not just. The vertex itself must also drive a little bit too. As soon as they begin at home on the left, the car is better to leave and go on foot along the road. On the right there will be two garages &# 8212; They are passing and after them will be a path on the rise.

If you ask for local, then they call it Lysh Mountain. However, where it begins the rise knows not all even in the village of Hydenseld. Better to contact the younger generation of schoolchildren &# 8212; These are exactly there.

On the way to the mountain there are dicks, do not be afraid, they are safe. Rising to the top is not difficult, the peak is very common and not too high to get tired. Active tourists will be interested in climbing the top Hiidevory and admire the beautiful view of Lake Ladoga.

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Mount Hiydenvory in Karelia - a beautiful place next to the sorting

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Mount Hiydenvory in Karelia - a beautiful place next to the sorting

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