Mount Hallet and Citadel

The obligatory point of the excursion program should be ascent on the mountain Galert. Locals are often called Hill Mount Witch, as the gifts say the sorcerers gathered on top for Shabash.

The height of the mountain reaches almost 250 meters. From the highest point overlooking the Danube River. At the very top there is a fortress. Previously, the mountain slopes were completely completely littered with vineyards. At the foot of the hill is the hotel and the same bathing, which were built even during the reign of the Turks. The structure is rightly considered one of the most beautiful in Budapest. So far, you can admire with color stained glass windows, internal decorations, marble columns and sculptures.

Mount Gallert and Citadel Sights of Budapest Travel Guide

Bottom upstairs will help to rise the staircase. On the way, the sights will be found, the first of which monument in honor of St. Gell. Memorial made of bronze. At the foot – Waterfall that gives even greater majesty. A little further is a monument of freedom. The story of his origin is fascinating. Walked World War, during which the pilot is tragic. His father, being a regent, decided to build a memorial memorial in honor of the Son. But they could not install it, the Soviet troops were prevented. New power added to the project figure of a soldier – liberator and red banner.

Mount Gallert and Citadel Sights of Budapest Travel Guide

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