Mount Fuji invites skies

Travel to Japan is interesting at any time of the year. In the spring, you can admire the blooming sakura, in the fall – red maples, in the summer to relax on the sea or inspect the sights. Winter in Japan tourists are waiting for mountain skis. Active tours and vouchers to ski resorts, especially in Nagano, traditionally enjoy success in tourists.

And on October 19, the winter holiday in Japan was replenished with another route. Hundreds of skiers enjoyed the first skiing season at the foot of the famous Mount Fuji. Ski resort of Suzuoka Prefectures is located at an altitude of 1450 meters above sea level. On the day of opening of about 400 people at 10 am, together descended from the mountains on skis and snowboard. To turn the slope in a comfortable track for riding a track with a good snow cover, in the resort every day since the eighth of October sprayed artificial snow. Thus, spending 650 tons of snow, the organizers have created a route in a kilometer long, reports Newsonjapan.Com.

Mount Fuji invites skies

It should be noted that all ski bases of Japan are characterized by the quality of service and good organized. This also applies to hotels, and to the tracks, and to entertainment after skiing. Some resorts are located not far from Tokyo, which allows you to combine active leisure and excursions. But tourists are waiting for interesting holidays and in other, more remote from the capital, ski centers. For example, on Hokkaido after riding athletes can relax in hot springs. And in Nagano, guests’ magnificent Olympic trails, the maximum length of which is 6400 meters.

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