Mount Fileurimos on Rhodes: Cross, Monastery and Icon of the Virgin

Fileurimos is a mountain in the north of the island of Rhodes. It is even more correct to name the hill, as its height is only 276 meters. We will not reward this attraction with epithets "mandatory to visit" or "giving unforgettable sensations". It’s just a beautiful place where you can see the monastery, a large cross, excavation of ancient temples and enjoy the view of the sea, bay and valley.

Where is

Mount Fileurimos is located in the northern part of the island of Rhodes. Nearby is the city of Yalissos, and the city of Rhodes (the capital of the island) is 15 kilometers away. In the northern part of the island Mount Fileurimos is the highest point.

In any case, the Rhodes Island itself is small, and the trip to Mount Fileurimos from the hotel of any resort will not take more than an hour.

Consider that there is no car road to the top of the hill, and you will have to go on foot. Of course, 276 meters cannot be called frightening height, but not all tourists love to go much on excursions, but even more so climb the mountain. Stock Foto Trails leading to the top of the right.

A little about the history of this place

In the ancient times on the hill was the city of Yalis. It was not very large in size, since there are not so many places at the top, but flourished due to the good security of this place from attacks. There were two ancient temples in the city dedicated to God Zeus and the goddess Athena.

Christianity came to Greece, and the temples were converted into Christian churches. The city of Yalis stopped exist, and in its place there were only a few churches. At this time, Mount Fileurimos received its name by the name of one living in the monk-hermit here.

The new flowering of construction fell on the 15th century. These were the times of the Knights of the Order of Hospitallers on the island of Rhodes. They built a monastery here and strengthened the hill, which was valuable as an observation point.

In 1523, the Turks won the island and crowded the knightly order from him. The monastery was partially destroyed and Mount Filerimos came to be launched.

Recovery began in the 20th century, when the island fell under the power of Italy. But completely restored religious activities on the mountain so and failed until now.

What to look at the top: Antiquity buildings

On the hill there are excavations of the ancient city of Yalis and two of his temples. The first was devoted to the main ancient Greek God Zeus, and the second goddess of Athena Palladde. From these two temples there is little left, you can only see the foundation, purified from dust by archaeologists. On most tourists, this spectacle does not make serious impressions.

"Dorian Fountain" worth seeing, as this is the most well-preserved antique building. Many tourists do not know a very interesting fact that there is a cache for the fountain, where people were hiding in the event of a threat. It can also be viewed.

Big Cross

More modern buildings are much more interesting. The most important attraction on Mount Fileurimos is a huge cross of 18 meters high. You will see it at the entrance, it can be seen at a distance of 10 kilometers from the mountain.

The road leads the road surrounded by cypresses, which is called "Path on Calvary". It is believed that in length she exactly corresponds to the distance that Jesus passed, carrying the cross.

Near the Cross you can watch bas-reliefs depicting scenes from the life of the Savior. On the way you can watch small drawings on the stone, which are called "Squinting". This word is literally translated as "kneeling and read". They depict the torment of Jesus Christ during the execution.

The cross is a concrete structure, and it is hollow. Inside there is a staircase for which you can climb up, there is a breathtaking view from there.


The second remarkable place is a monastery, restored by Italian Kapuchin monks (the branch of the monastic order of Franciscanians). You will not see the monks themselves, since they were just kicked out in 1948, when Rhodes Island completely switched to Greece.

Many ask about the cross of an unusual form, which can be seen on most of the building of the monastery. This is the emblem of the Knight’s Order of Hospitallers. After the Turks captured Rhodes, this order woven in Europe and found a refuge in Malta. Now he is called "Order of Maltese Knights".

The first interesting place in the monastery is a bell tower on which you can see a big cross – the emblem of the Order of the Knights of Hospitallers.

This foundation (in the photo on the left) in the form of the cross was once a baptister at the monastery. Another place that tourists like is the mosaic of the Byzantine period with a fish image.

Mount Fileurimos is popular with Rhodes residents as a wedding seat. If you are lucky, you can meet the wedding procession here.

Near the monastery is the chapel of St. George, which is half immersed in the ground. Here you can see the frescoes of the time of dominion knights-hospiters on Rhodes. This is the 14th and 15th century. They depict knights with their saints and patrons and scenes from the New Testament. These frescoes are poorly preserved, and the Italian masters were restored.

Mount Fileurimos on Rhodes Cross, Monastery and Icon of the Virgin

Icon of the Filiarism Virgin Mary

The most important building is the Temple of the Phileery Virgin. Here was the main shrine of Mount Fileurimos – the icon of the Virgin Mary of the Saint Luke (Apostle and the author of one of the Gospels). The main thing is that this icon is famous – this is the portrait of the Virgin Mary, written in his life.

The church itself was divided into two parts. The Catholic part is closed, and tourists let go to the Orthodox part and here you can see a copy of this miraculous icon.

The original left Rhodes Island in 1523 together with knights hospital. They took with them all Christian relics. Icon visited France, then in Italy, then on Malta Island and was presented to the our emperor Paul I (we recall that he was a master of the Order of Maltese knights).

In many sources on the Internet they write that the icon of the Phileery Virgin is now in St. Petersburg, but this is not true! She was taken out of Russia during the 1917 revolution and is now in Montenegro in the Museum of Cetini.

What else is interesting

On the monastery, it’s just a pleasant to walk and take a break from the heat in the shadow of cypresses and oaks. Many walls depicts saints, and all buildings are simply impregnated with spirituality. To get a more complete picture of these attractions, see a small selection of photos in the gallery below.

And, of course, a wonderful view of the surroundings. From here I can see the bay of Yalisos and the sea, acquiring a turquoise hue. Seen the capital of the island of Rhodes and airport. Also opens a magnificent view of Mount Ataviros (the highest mountain on Rhodes).

What to buy interesting

Italian Kapuchins monks learned to cook an interesting liqueur from local herbs. When they were expelled from the monastery, they managed to transfer the recipe for one Greek family, and now they prepare this liquor and sell on the mountain.

It is called "Sette" ("SETTE"). Recipe is classified, but it is known that it makes it from seven herbs. Sage, wormwood, oregano and thyme, and the remaining three herbs stay secret. Very unusual drink. We recommend it to acquire when visiting Mount Fileurimos.

Input price: 6 EUR

Opening hours: all days, except Monday. Summer from 8-00 to 19-00, in winter from 8-30 to 14-30.

How to get there: the easiest way to excursions. If you took the car, then reach the city of Yalisos, there you definitely do not get lost.

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