Mount Doi Tung and its surroundings

On the highway from Chang Paradise in May Say is the most famous and highest mountain of the province – Doi Tung. Literally this name is translated as «Top flags», Since there is no time on this mountain place the place of the pagoda was marked by several flags.

1800 meters of height are not an extreme height for the mountains of Thailand, but the number of attractions per square meter square here is probably the highest. So on the slopes of Doi tung there are several temples, and the most famous – Wat Phra Thahat Doi Tung – On the top of the top.

It is near this temple – The end point of the rise and the most excellent overview. The temple was built in the 10th century, but then the construction was limited to two stups. A little later, pagodas were erected, which, on belief, keep the crank bone of the Buddha himself. In this regard, the pilgrims in the temple goes a great set from Hawge Thailand.

If you don’t be lazy and proceed a little further on the road with the bells, then another temple of Doi Tung will open – Wat Noi Doom Tung.

Mount Doi Tung and its surroundings of the sights of Chang-Paradise Tourprom Travel

Entrance to both Temple Free. Dressing code in clothes and prohibitions for talking on the phone.

At the foot of Doi Tung has another magnificent landmark of Chang Paradise – Royal Villa and Garden. The villa was built more recently – In 1990, as a gift of Mother King. But now it is open to visits, although the exposition does not shine a special content. But the garden around the villa is very interesting – It is well maintained, there is a large number of rare plants and colors. Square Garden – 40 kV. KM.

The cost of a common ticket (to visit the entire complex at once) – 220 BAT, but you can visit on separate tickets only especially interesting to you exposure. Opening hours of the complex – from 6-30 to 17-00.

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