Mount Dena

Mountains are rightfully considered the highest, beautiful and majestic phenomena of nature. Mountain Dena is located in the southeastern part of the ridge, and is one of the highest peaks of this mountain range.

Covered with snowy hats, durable glacier and magnificent mountain rivers of this area not only create violent vegetation, but also represent an environmental range for many animal species. Due to the existence of an unmatched ecosystem in this area and the need for its preservation by decision of the Supreme Council of Environmental Protection of Iran, part of the ridge Pogro was recognized in 1990 "Reserve Dena", And after 10 years, the other parts of this area entered this reserve.

Dena has long attracted climbers who went to this area from all the ends of Iran and even from different parts of the world in the hope of conquer one or several of her peaks. Therefore, Dena is a rather famous mountain in the world. Famous European Mountaineer Rolf Engels chose Den "His eternal abode" And here painted with life.

Mountain chain of Dena has a length of about 80 km with an average width of 20 to 30 km. It runs immediately in three provinces: Farc, Isfahan and Kohkiluie-Buyer-Ahmad. Of course, most of the chain is still in the last province.

At the foothills of the Deny spread out a small city of SI-Sacht with magnificent mountain landscapes and a unique climate.

In general, the Dena Mountain District is delineated by the passage of Biezen in the East, and the two rivers Marbor and Beshar – north, west and south. Marbor flows on the northern border of the Denya from the east to the west, but, by passing the village of Herson, called the Herson River, then passes through the village of Maimand, turns to the south and, passing a narrow and very deep gorge, merges with the Besar River. River Besar flows through the southern border of Mount Dena, also from East to West. At the constituency of two rivers, one of the most important tributaries of the Karun River under the name Herson is formed. Here is a magnificent forest array. The highest point of this area is the peak of Kash Mast. Its height 4435 m from sea level.

From the point of view of natural morphology, the southern front of the Deny has a more or less sheer shape, and its foots are covered with oak groves, which extend far to the north and eastern part of the province of Kohkiluye-Buyer-Ahmad. The North Front is characterized by a dry or semi-dry climate and almost deprived of forest cover. The basis of the vegetation of this area is high herbs, and in view of the eternal glaciers and permanent snow caps here you can find many springs and surface waters. Agriculture of this area is presented in the main gardens in which the famous apple variety called seven.

On the slopes of the Dena, there are many gorges replete with large and small springs. Many of these sources covered with snow beating hot water and, as a result, foaming water rapidly on the slopes of the mountain, places creating finest waterfalls and fast mountain rivers. From the merger of these rivers, the upperresses of the largest river Iran – Karun are formed.

From the point of view of vegetation cover, the Dena reserve has a unique variety. It grows 1200 species of plants, including 90 species of trees that create groves and forests. The rest are thickets and herbs. The basis of vegetation creates oak. Other forest plants are ben (mountain pistachios), Iva, Platan, different types of mountain almonds, sea buckthorn, Tamarisk, Keik (Maplea) Hawthorn, wild cherry, wild cherry, Aras (Mountain cypress) and others. The southern slopes of the dena to a height of 2500 meters are covered in the main oak groves. Above 2500 m, oak groves end and are mostly low-spirited trees like astragal, juniper, mountain almond trees. Above 3500 m large plants are no longer there and the foundation of vegetation is grass and thickets, which in turn disappear at an altitude of more than 4000 m. Sometimes, of course, some separate types of plants can survive in the cracks and crevices of the cliffs, where they do not get cold wind. Summer The slopes of the mountains are covered with a motley carpet of mountain colors and endless meadows.

Mount Dena

Taking into account the high height of this mountain range, snow caps are usually preserved to large sediments of the next winter, which creates beautiful natural glaciers in the area. But for this circumstance, mountain vegetation has a very short period of flowering. In the summer in the area you can find a plurality of flower plants that bloom for a certain segment. One of the local attractions is a kind of wild tulip, who will not meet in any other place. The main pastures on the slopes of the dena are covered with herbal plants called "Jashir". Another frequent guest of a mountain slopes is "Chaville", The fragrance of which is well-known climbers, looking here in the summer season.

In addition, the flora of this region is rich in such valuable healing and nutritional plants like Pepotsiver medicinal, thyme ,, Volovik, Hyacinth, Inverted Tulip, Chamomile, Charker Garden, Leek, Wild Carnation, Yatryshnik, Wild Garlic, Akant, and DR.

Due to the presence of nectar in medicinal plants, honey collected in this area has excellent healing properties and is in great demand.

Eastern and Western Dena reserve has almost the same fauna and are considered interconnected ecosystem. At the same time, the diversity of the animal world is a great picture. Mammals are represented by brown bear, wild goat, leopard, trot, wild cat, wolf, jackal, fox, hyiennium, boar, protein, sable, hedgehog, bat and forest mouse. At the same time, brown bears, leopards and lynx are considered protected species. The feathery world is also rich: quail, lamb, falcon, hawk, eagle, starlats, crow, woodpecker, different types of sparrows, forest owl, swallow, duck and wild pigeons. Among the reptiles, you can meet many snakes and viper, lizards, tights, turtles and t.NS.

Dena’s protected area, in addition to the listed variety of flora and fauna, is also famous for its magnificent and unique in their beauty landscapes. Here you can meet several peaks with a height of more than 4000 meters. Another attraction is the mountain passes and the gorge, which are in this area of ​​at least 40. A lot of tourists attract numerous small and large mountain caves. Among the most famous can be called Gara-Yahi (Ice Cave) and Gara-Chercher. Human gaze also fascinate natural waterfalls. The fastest and high-altitude waterfalls in this beautiful area are called "Taht Suleiman" (Tron Solomon), "Bonvud" (Bon River) and "Panies" (Lower Dena).

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