Mount Badachon

In general, Hungary is famous for its wines and takes not the last place on the map for the production of delicious drink. Local winery did not once been awarded awards.

Hungarian themselves with special trepidation and concern relate to sediment places sweet berries. Just one of these places – Mount Badachon, is completely destroyed by overgrown vineyards. The best way to get to the place will be the ship. Stepping on the pier, it is worth climbing up the narrow, looping path, on both sides of which old cellar and davilen are located. At the foot of the mountain settled the settlement, life in which flows by its own. The town became famous for grape varieties and sources that can heal.

Mount Badachony Attractions of Lake Balaton Travel Guide

Rest at the foot of Badachoni in the village of the same name will bring not only aesthetic pleasure, but also new emotions. There is a belief: if the vine sees its reflection in the lake, then the wine will be much more tastier and sweeter. Especially the region is famous for white and dessert wines. One of the most famous brands is called «Gray monks». The beverage received its name in the monastic order, who first began to cultivate vineyards on these lands. Wine connoisseurs will appreciate the taste «Ice ACU». The drink is characterized by a special flavor, as it is prepared from berries already affected by the first cold.

Mount Badachony Attractions of Lake Balaton Travel Guide

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