Motov&# 769; N (Motovun) – A small medieval city in Croatia, located in the north of Istria Peninsula, 26 km east of Novigrad, 23 km from the Adriatic coast and 18 km from the Border with Slovenia. Population – 983 people (2001).

Motovun is a well-preserved medieval fortress city, built away from the coast at a 277 metering hill to protect against barbaric tribes, whose raids were frequent in the Middle Ages.

The current appearance of the city received in 12-14 centuries. Most of the old buildings were built within the city walls, however, these days the city has grown for them and as if on the spiral «Go down» To the foot of the hill. From the city walls on top of the hill, a stunning view of the entire peninsula.

At the foot of the hill, the Moody groves spread in which one of the most famous delicacies – truffles grows. They can be purchased in urban stores. The cost of one 100 gram bank of black truffles is about 30 euros, white – about 70.

Also, Motovun is famous for its winery, numerous grape fields spread in its surroundings.


There are several small hotels in the city, souvenir shops, restaurants and cafes.

Today, Motovun lives mainly at the expense of agriculture and tourists who come here with excursions from the coast to feel the medieval spirit of his walls, make good pictures and buy local wines and truffles.

It is worth noting that the entrance for tourists to the city is paid, as well as entry on the car for tourists is prohibited (will have to leave the car at the foot of the hill in the parking lot and rise to the fortress along a paved road on foot).


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