Mototur in Europe

It so happened that in 2018 we (I and my spouse) had the opportunity to drive 14,000 km. At his two-wheeled friend, Honda Pan Europan motorcycle. Our path passed through 14 countries, some drove out transit, but most of the last or 2 nights stayed at 1 or 2 nights.

We drove through Finland, and returned to Russia through Georgia. Visited Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey.

About every country you can tell for a long time and inspired, because each of them is beautiful in its own way.

I’ll tell you about my feelings and impressions.

About the unwillingness of the French in small towns to talk in English even on the elementary level. And I can not blame them for it. And, on the contrary, it was pleasant in Paris when you look into the card and try to navigate, an unfamiliar man himself stops and helps you, explains how to walk to the right place. And the receptionist in the hotel is even trying to speak English, because by his admission he really likes our.

About Lisbon, who in his unrestrained fun, as if he had gone from pages of books, in which sailors drink Portwine and walk all night. But at the same time, it has some kind of attractive force, which calls you to return no longer for one night, but for longer. To fully feel the spirit of the city, walk through the old streets, which go down to the ocean. Look at the visible in the distance of Vaska da Gama and the statue of Christ.

Mototur in Europe

And when you stand at the cape of rock, and you demolish you a strongest wind, you understand that the cape of his name justifies. Immediately remember books.Verne who read once as a child. Perhaps shipwrecks in his novels and did not occur near this cape, but nothing prevents so thinking.

This is really a place where the earth ends and the sea begins.

How beautiful and cold (even in June) Atlantic.

How fascinating windmills in the Strait between Dania and Sweden look.

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