Motorcycle Travel Rules

One motorcycle, two people, 20 days, 15 countries of Europe, 10 776 kmTravelers Masha and Lesha, returning home, shared their experiences that take with them, if you go on a long trip on a motorcycle, and told about a trip to the heading " Report " .

What to take with you

1. Tent

About half of all nights spent in it. Two of which were really rainy – "like bucket". Everyone sustained everything was dry.

2. Sleeping bag

The sleeping rooms were two. Bought one model, but with the left and right fastener. It helped us very much cool nights: in the competed form, two bedrooms turn into one and sleep very warm and pleasant, like at home. Namely, the best is best!

3. Penka or rug

Before the trip, we had a trial departure for a weekend for Calyazin, where we realized that we would simply not take away the large self-taking carpets. Instead, Military German bedrooms were bought for overnight stays, which add up to briquettes of 37 x 27 x 4 cm and climbed together with a tent in the supervision, which was attached from above to the rear Motorcycle. It was less comfortable to sleep than on arrogant, – hard. Therefore, we have already become padded pants and jackets under the foam. That is, the rugs are very well coped with thermal insulation – the inflammation of the lungs in the campaign will not receive. But for soft, you need something else.

4. Inflatable pillow

But we did not have it. Pillows were made from bags with clothes, they were just two. Very comfortable.

5. Lantern of non-directional light

Lantern is needed for arrangement of camp in the dark, tent lighting. We have a source of light served our phones with a flashlight function. We hung them on a grid shelf in a tent ceiling. Excellent chandelier!

6. Matches in the hemofake

Extra matches did not take. Cost. But for calm it would be possible to take.

7. Gas-burner

In the kit, turn on one main large balloon and one spare small. Gas burner was useful. Very often dined exactly on it. Bought soups and semi-finished products and heated in a saucepan. In the mornings, boiled boats, flooded the thermos on the road. The big balloon ran out, but he was already started, the spare was used somewhere on a third. I think one should be enough for 10-20 days for two breakfast and dinner.

eight. Set of tourist dishes

Caustrack-bowler, saucepan-kettle, frying pan cap, chapellane for her. Check back in the store so that it all stably stood on the burner. We are all useful. Left house only kettle. He just ranked inside the "Matryoshka", that is, all the bowls and saucepan. Instead, a gas balloon entered exactly. Such a combination perfectly occupied a third of the side staff of Silveradovsky Coffer on a motorcycle.

nine. Medium-sized Food Containers

Check that the lids are well closed and did not open from vibration. However, we did not take containers for food. Food took in packages, they occupy less space.

ten. Set of economic tools

You will need: perochy knife, rope (dry underwear, too, you need at night in a campsite), a couple of dozens of plastic screed-harnesses of different sizes. The rope for drying linen this time was not used, because the washing was lucky in Amsterdam, Benidorm and Vienna (on the route with friends, in civilization). But if you were driving without friends, I had to wee in campsite.

Motorcycle Travel Rules

eleven. Tourist souls

It is not necessarily but very desirable. Tourist shower is a plastic bag with a hose with a capacity of 10 and 20 liters. It can also be used simply as a washbasin, you can wash the dishes with it and dishes. In the heat you can immediately dial water and tie it to the upper coof. Then the souls in the evening will be warm. You can take a light shower curtain with you (it can serve as a motorcycle case), and the knitting spokes from the tent can be the basis of the shower cabin.

True, on a trip to Europe, such a soul was not useful for us. There was not a single camping, where it was impossible to wash. But on trips in the homeland it is quite possible to use hiking shower.

12. Motorcycle Case

It is desirable that he was simple and easy. And compactly collapsed. It can be used in the way as protection against rain, like the shelter of a motorcycle with a Skarban at the hotel at bedtime, like a litter under a tent.

13. Extension 220 B

In fact, it is necessary that it was a long wire, at one end of which a fork, on the other – a socket. And in the outlet compact tee. He must reach the column with a rosette to a tent in a campsite, otherwise it will not be able to charge the phone at night or dry shoes. It was such an extension that we helped us a lot. We charged all the gadgets, drying for shoes worked every night and even once warmed our legs inside the combined sleeping bags.

fourteen. Infrared Dryers for Shoes

We took one such. True, when the shoes flooded too much, she did not cope.

15. Self-chain insoles and self-rosters

It is clear that the journey does not always have the opportunity to warm up indoors or turn on the same drying for shoes. And it often happens. At such moments, self-cheer. In the summer they are not needed, but in winter it is better to stock.

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