Motorcycle and Moped Rental in Vietnam: divorce in Vietnamese

our tourists going to vacation in Vietnam should be aware of the illegality of the rental of motor transport with the volume of engines over 49 cubes. See as well as about financial and legal consequences in case of participation in an accident or detention by the Vietnamese police.

According to the our Embassy in Vietnam, in recent years, the number of accidents involving our tourists leaseing scooters and motorcycles has noticeably increased markedly. Last 2012 in this country, three ours were killed in an accident, in April of this year, a Vietnamese citizen died as a result of accidents.

The problem is that international driver’s documents in Vietnam are invalid, therefore it is necessary to receive local Vietnamese rights, which takes enough long time.

Therefore, almost all ours, sitting behind the wheel of motorcycles and mopeds, go to them without the necessary documents.

Also, according to Vietnamese legislation, any traffic accident involving foreigners who do not have local driver’s license is initially interpreted in their favor. As a result, the tourist threatens the administrative punishment, involving the payment often to pay overestimated compensation "victim" side and owners of vehicles.

Motorcycle rental and mopeds in Vietnam Divorce of Vietnamese

And in the case of the death of a local citizen, as a result of an accident involving a foreign tourist, the case may end with real prison.

And in most cases, Vietnamese individuals and organizations passing the motor transport for rent foreigners usually do not make any official treaties, consciously going to violate local laws. And in the case of an accident remain actually unpunished.

Do you need such a risky rental of a motorcycle and moped in Vietnam, decide, of course, only you.

Motorcycle rental and mopeds in Vietnam Divorce of Vietnamese

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