Motobike at Phuket in 2018: Rent, how and where to issue?

Phuket – the biggest island of Thailand. Its length is 50 km, width – about 20 km. Despite the popularity of the island among tourists, public transport here is poorly developed. Taxi drivers and travel agents are used by this, establishing high prices for their services. To see the most interesting places of Phuket and do not break up, it is best to rent a bike.

Bait rental cost

The price of the lease affect the model of the bike, its mileage, condition and rental period. It is much more profitable to rent a bike at once for a long time: in this case, the price per day can decrease by 3-4 times. The minimum term of rental bike in many phuket rentals is 3 days. If you need a bike only for one day, check this opportunity in advance.

The cheapest will cost a bike with a manual gearbox – about 100 baht per day. Now such bikes are increasingly found in the rental: scooters with an automatic transmission are much more convenient in management.

The prices for renting a scooter depend on the volume of the engine, mileage and manufacturer. Basically, Phuket rentals offer travelers Yamaha and Honda scooters.

The most budget options – Yamaha Vino and Honda Scoopy. They have a small engine and miniature dimensions. These models prefer people of low growth, more often – young girls. Rental price – from 150 baht per day. Those who want to take one bike for two, it is worth paying attention to Honda Click and Yamaha GT worth from 200 baht per day. If you have a challenging route, take a more practical and convenient model: experienced travelers advise to choose between Honda PCX 150CC and Yamaha Nmax 155CC. Prices for these bikes start from 300 baht per day. For advanced motorcyclists in rental there are expensive sports models.

Rent bike without a driver’s license

A few years ago it was possible to rent a bike in Thailand, not having a driver’s license. With the increasing number of tourists, the police vigilance increased: more and more Europeans stop on the roads and check the documents. Penalty for driving without documents will be from 400 to 10,000 baht at the discretion of the inspector, and for trying to pay off, you can please the bars.

Now rental is given by bikes only provided that the tourist has a driver’s license “A” or even “V”. But if the police will stop you, for the lack of dealing category “A” will have to pay a fine of 500 baht. Therefore, if you are going to Thailand for several months, go to a driving school.

Required documents

To arrange a bike lease agreement on Phuket, I need a passport. Some rentals are asked to leave a passport in a deposit, but most only takes off the copy.

Where to rent a motorbike

Baika rentals are a lot on the most popular Beach Phuket – Patong, Kata, Karon, Kalim, Kamala, Na Harn. It is better to walk through several rental, compare prices and the state of transport. Keep in mind that all rollers take a deposit from 2000 baht. Some rentals have their own website and provide the ability to order a bike in advance on the site. For example, in the our-speaking resource of RentBikePhuket, you can make an agreement even before the trip and pay for rent in rubles. The main advantage of this rental in front of street Thai – the lack of collateral. Employees of the company will deliver the bike for free to the entrance of your hotel.

Motobike at Phuket in 2018 Rent, how and where to issue

Nuances that should be considered when choosing a bike before issuing the contract, find out the age of the bike, the year of release of the model, mileage, tire condition. The old bike with a big mileage will cost much cheaper, but the trip on it may be unsafe. Be sure to make a trial leaving on the bike to evaluate the dynamics, brakes and electricians, engine sound. Note that the bike must be insured as any transport in Thailand. All damage to the scooter pays the Phuket Insurance Company Poobo.

How to issue a lease agreement

Before making a contract, inspect the bike with the owner of the rolled. If there are damage on the case, remove the photo or video to the phone, pointing to them with your finger: otherwise, the owner can declare them new and demand compensation. The contract is spelled out that the tenant is obliged to pay all damage to transport. And it is better not to take a bike with cracks and large dents, because in the process of movement damage can be stronger.

To conclude a contract, as already mentioned, it is necessary to provide photocopy of the first page of the passport and a Thai visa if you came to the country for a long time. Before putting a signature, once again carefully examine all the conditions.

The contract must contain:

Date and accurate time of reception and return Motobike;

The cost of delay and the amount of compensation in the event of a vehicle loss.

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