Motiongate Park in Dubai

Motiongate Entertainment Park in Dubai Emirate call "Hollywood in the Desert". This is the flagship Amusement Park Dubai. What attractions are waiting for visitors? How to get? How much is the entrance ticket and how to save? Read in detail in this article.

As of February 2021 Motiongate Park is already open (from September 23). There are the RUB Rules that read the article on the link above.

Short description

Motiongate Park is located in the West of Dubai, in the DPR (Dubai Parks and Resorts) zone. This is a special area of ​​the city, which in Dubai allocated for amusement parks following the example of the Island of Yas in Abu Dhabi. Other amusement parks are located in DPR: Legoland, Water Park Legoland, Bollywood.

Motiongate Park covers an area of ​​about 37 hectares, it is the largest park in DPR. Here are 30 rides, although some of them are full of full attractions, it’s difficult to call – these are children’s playgrounds or shows with artists.

Among them are 5 amusements "American slides", including some newest generation Infinity Coaster and two from the legendary company Mack Rides. Also: 3 Carousels, 2 attractions-swing, 3 4D cinema, 4 attractions with a trip to the scenery of cartoons, 4 playgrounds, 6 show programs.

There are some unusual attractions that are unlikely to meet somewhere else. This is a river on the river with thresholds and "drop from the tower" 58 meters high. Set of attractions worthy, no doubt.

Motiongate Park is divided into 4 zones in accordance with film studies: DreamWorks, Columbia Pictures, Lionsgate and Sony Pictures (The Smurfs).

COLUMBIA PICTURES, LIONSGATE and SONY PICTURES (THE SMURFS) Area. Attention! This is an open part of the park, and the sun in the UAE is bright and cunning. Be careful not to forget about sunscreen and read our article "Weather in the UAE for months".

Dreamworks Zone Fully covered and takes a long half of the park. DreamWorks Area divided into 4 of its zones according to cartoons: Shrek, Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda, How to Train Your Dragon.

From the entrance to the central square, Studio Central Alley is held, where there are cafes, shops, restaurants. Focusing in the park is very simple. From the central square: the left zone Lionsgate, the right area of ​​Columbia and Smurfs, rightly the DreamWorks zone.

Who is oriented Park Motiongate ?

First of all, children from 8 to 16 years old.

Theoretically, a child with an increase of 105 centimeters (4.5 years) can already ride at all attractions, except for three. But on the fact, half of the attractions for most small children are not suitable – very dark or rather terrible.

"Adrenaline" attractions are only three – this is the Zombieland Blast-Off Tower and "American Gorki" Capitol Bullet Train and Madagascar Mad Pursuit.

For young children there are interesting playgrounds and simple attractions. But whether it is for the sake of this to go to Motiongate and pay expensive tickets? The question is open.

All attractions and growth restrictions (age) We will tell in the second part of this article.

For Fans of Cartoons "Madagascar", "How to Train Your Dragon", "Smurfs", "Cloudy, rainfall in the form of meatballs", "Shrek", "Kung Fu Panda" Motiongate Amusement Park will be the best gift.

How to get

Dear. Further, we give all prices in Emirates Dirhams. Actual course to the dollar, Euro and ruble, see our article "Money in the UAE" or use Dirhama calculator.

First method – subway + bus. On the metro station Dubai, you need to get to the station Ibn Battuta (first, red branch). From here walks the DPR1 bus straight to the park. Fare price by bus – 5 dirhams, payment by NOL card. Subway diagram in our and travel tariffs See our article "Dubai Metro".

DPR1 bus now walks, this route did not stop the work even during the locomotion in the spring.

The method is the cheapest, however uncomfortable. The fact is that the DPR1 bus goes only once every 1 hour 15 minutes. To know the exact time in order not to stand and wait for the bus, we give the exact schedule from the RTA (April 2021).

Second method – metro + taxi. On the metro Dubai, you need to get to Ibn Battuta station, you need to take a taxi to the park, the trip will cost about 50 dirhams.

There are a little cheaper way – to get to the end of the Red Branch, to Uae Exchange station, from where taxi will cost 35-40 Dirhams. However, the ride on the metro in this case is most likely to cost a little more expensive, since the UAE Exchange is already in the next tariff zone. And catch a taxi at the UAE Exchange station is difficult.

Third way – taxi from the hotel. This is the most convenient option, but also the most expensive. Dubai is a very big city, and it is impossible to predict the cost of a trip. Maybe 40 to 120 dirhams depends on the location of the hotel. Tariffs for travel View in our article "Taxi in Dubai".

Ticket price

Tickets can be bought on DubaiparksAndresorts website.COM or in the couss in the entrance. Better buy in advance on the site. First, when buying in advance on the site there is a discount, which is below.

Secondly, the cash regulations sell tickets only in the presence of free places. Park capacity is limited to covid security measures. If the park is filled, then tickets at the box office will not be sold.

Attention! All tickets are not refundable, exchange, resale or renewal on other persons.

All prices are further included Vat (VAT). A ticket can be with an accurate visit date (Dated) or an open visiting date (Flexible), such a ticket can be used within 6 months from the date of purchase.

– the price of the ticket Dated (accurate date) when buying on the site – 220 dirhams;

– the price of the ticket Dated (accurate date) is currently 275 dirhams;

– ticket price at the checkout – 275 Dirhams;

– Flexible tickets are temporarily not available;

Many tourists believe that it is expensive. However, for the UAE, such prices are quite ordinary, having fun in Dubai – this is generally pleasure not from cheap. Want cheaper? Then read our review "How to buy tickets to Parks Dubai Doshevo".

Children under 3 years old – free, but requires confirmation of age. That is, take a passport of the child with you.

Important moment! All tickets are named. To take place to the park on the ticket purchased on the site, you need to have a personality certificate. Some tourists are asked: what if the child "entered" into the parental passport? Answer: If the child "entered", then in the UAE they will not be empty at all, the details in our article "Visa and entry into the UAE".

If you want to go to Motiongate Park twice (two days), it is profitable to buy Annual Pass – a pass that has been operating 12 months. Price – 395 Dirhams.

If you want to visit two any park in DPR, it is profitable to buy a combo ticket, but it will act for one day. Price – 295 Dirhams.

There is a ticket at once in all Parks DPR, which operates 2 days. Price – 525 Dirhama (temporarily unavailable).

And if you want to have fun in DPR all vacation without restrictions, buy skip All Annual Pass for 595 Dirhams (temporarily unavailable).

Opening hours

Summer season (May 1 – September 14) – from 14-00 to 22-00.

Winter season (September 15 – April 30) – from 11-00 to 20-00.

On Thursdays, Fridays and Festive Days, the time of work has been extended for 1 hour (up to 23-00 and 21-00).

When come

As in any amusement park in the Arab Emirates, you need to come on a weekday. On weekends and holidays queue on attractions can be huge. How many people in the park on weekends can be viewed in the photo below, click on the photo to enlarge.

Schedule of holidays of the UAE See our article "Holidays in the UAE".

Weekends in the UAE is Friday and Saturday, although some of the workers are relaxing here on Thursday and Friday or Saturday and Sunday. Details in our article "Friday in the UAE".

Thursday evening is also not the best time.

Best time – from Monday by Wednesday.


This is an addition to a ticket for which you can pass on any attraction without a queue. For amusement parks in the UAE, this is a common practice. So do not be surprised that someone passes without turn.

Price Q-Fast Motiongate – 150 Dirhams.

In connection with the covid security measures, the number of visitors in the park is limited. There are no big queues at Sayah, and the best sense in the Q-FAST pass no.


Local photographers operate in Motiongate Park. At the end of the day, approach them on the rack and take all your photos if you bought Digipass. If not bought, then for each photo you need to pay separately.

Price Digipass Motiongate – 220 Dirhams.

Zone lionsgate

By the number of rides and square, this zone is the smallest. However, it is here that the most extreme "American slides" in the Motiongate Park.

Capitol Bullet Train

Restrictions on growth and (or) age: from 130 centimeters.

The only large attraction in the LionSgate zone. These are classic "American slides", and rather terrible, there is a complete loop and turn on 360 degrees. It is a sorry very short – only 30 seconds of the trip.

This attraction for Motiongate Park has created the legendary German company Mack Rides, which creates attractions for 100 years.

Panem Aerial Tour

Restrictions on growth and (or) age: from 100 centimeters.

This is a 4D cinema. Rosit restriction is due to the fact that the child below simply will not see the screen, and there is nothing terrible in this attraction. During the attraction, you will take part in the air attack of the rebels on the Capitol from a series of films "Hungry Games".

Step Up Dubai, All In!

Restrictions on growth and (or) age: no.

This is a scene where the dance show is shown on the motifs "Step Up"). Lovers of street dancing really like it, the rest most likely not.

The SMURFS ‘Village zone

This is a children’s part of the Motiongate Park, dedicated to the little blue creatures of the Snuffs from the eponymous series of the 80s. The series "The Smurfs" is very popular around the world, but in Russia he did not hear success, so there is not everything for our children here.

The zone consists of several buildings, so it is even difficult to call it the word "village". The more correct name would be "Smurfiki farm".

Smurf Village Express

Restrictions on growth and (or) age: from 105 centimeters.

Small children’s "American slides". Steep descents and even more so the coups are not here, although there are a couple of exciting moments. Travel time is only 30 seconds, so they roll two times.

Smurfs Studio Tours

Restrictions on growth and (or) age: from 90 centimeters.

Visitors are sitting in small trolleys and slowly ride along the decorations of the Smurfichi film studio. The scenery is beautiful, and heard the voices of the Smurfiki, who are talking about what is happening. It is a pity that only in English.

Smurfberry Factory

Restrictions on growth and (or) age: no.

This is a small gaming area with a soft labyrinth and pneumatic girls shooting soft balls. As ideated by the attractions of the attraction, the balls must depict berries that collect smuffles. However, the balls are the most ordinary, not even painted, and symbolism is not obvious.

Woodland Play Park

Restrictions on growth and (or) age: no.

Large mesh labyrinth. For children, very interesting, but for adults to climb a little difficult. And you have to climb, as the children on this attraction should only be accompanied by adults.

Smurfs Village Playhouse

Restrictions on growth and (or) age: no.

This is a small cinema where the cartoon is shown with the Smurfs, and these cartoons are controlled by children along with the lead. Also smuffles from the screen give assignments and play games with visitors. Not bad entertainment, but unfortunately only in English.


The second size and number of rides, but for adult visitors it is the most interesting.

Zombieland Blast-Off

Restrictions on growth and (or) age: from 130 centimeters.

This is a classic attraction "Fall from the Tower". The attraction simulates the famous moment from the film "Zombyend" (2009), when the two main heroines of the film are saved from zombies just on such an attraction. In Dubai, the tower is much higher – 58 meters, and the original tower from the film from Pacific Playland Park (USA) is only 14 meters high.


Restrictions on growth and (or) age: from 90 centimeters.

Visitors sit in trolley and slowly ride along the decorations of the hotel of Transylvania from the animation film "Monsters on vacation". Despite the terrible subject, the attraction is not terrible at all, and as well as the film, rather comedy.

This attraction is considered to be proud of Motiongate Park. Castle scenery occupy an area of ​​2800 kV.meters, a trip along it lasts 7 minutes.


Restrictions on growth and (or) age: from 105 centimeters.

This "American Slides" dedicated to the hero of Green Hornet. The film about him "The Green Hornet" (2011) in the our rental of success did not decrease, and most of the ours do not have any idea about this character. The attraction is not fast at all, there is only a couple of exciting aggregates.

Underworld 4d

Restrictions on growth and (or) age: no.

4D cinema based on a series of films "Other World", where vampires and hoists are fighting. The film is quite terrible, there are bloody scenes. The administration of Motiongate Park strongly recommends visiting children only from 15 years.

Cloudy WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS: River Expedition

Restrictions on growth and (or) age: from 105 centimeters.

Group descent on the artificial river on the big bun. Here are waiting for splashes from the river and spray along the route, so you have to get a little. Mostly the river is slow, but in several places there are quick and sharp thresholds, even a little scary. The river is decorated with scenery from the cartoon "Cloudy, precipitation is possible in the form of meatballs", and naturally there is a predatory hamburger from the cartoon, but a small and not terrible.

Ghostbusters: Battle for New York

Restrictions on growth and (or) age: from 90 centimeters.

Fascinating attraction-shooter based on the cartoon series and films "Ghostbusters". Visitors give laser pistols and put in a trolley that goes along the decorations of New York. Along the route there are screens on which the brings appear, they need to shoot.

Flint’s Imagination Lab

Restrictions on growth and (or) age: no.

Motiongate Park in Dubai

Children’s playground based on the cartoon "Cloudy, precipitation in the form of meatballs". There is a large and interesting soft labyrinth, as well as several books of scientific topics. It will be interesting for children from 1 to 12 years. Children must accompany adult.

DreamWorks Zone

The largest zone in Motiongate, occupies about half the park. Zone is completely in the air conditioned room.

Fountain of Dreams

This fountain meets visitors at the entrance to the DreamWorks Zone. The fountain consists of statues of the characters of cartoons "Shrek", "Madagascar", "Kung Fu Panda" and "How to Train Your Dragon".

Dragon Gliders

Restrictions on growth and (or) age: from 105 centimeters.

This attraction is considered one of the "raisins" Motiongate Park. Visitors sit in the suspension chairs that are driving. Around the screens show scenes based on the cartoon "How to Train Your Dragon". The main thing here is the scenery, including the huge decoration of the Viking village. The attraction is not terrible, the chairs move not quickly, but around it very dark, so children can be afraid.

This attraction for Motiongate Park has created the legendary German company Mack Rides, which creates attractions for 100 years.

Shrek’s Merry Fairy Tale Journey

Restrictions on growth and (or) age: from 90 centimeters.

Visitors sit in trolley and very slowly go along decorations that show scenes from cartoons about Shrek. Fans of Shrek guaranteed 10 minutes of pleasure. If you do not really like Shrek, then you can ride the sign "for a tick".


Restrictions on growth and (or) age: from 90 centimeters.

The usual carousel based on the cartoon "Madagascar". More add nothing to.

Madagascar Mad Pursuit!

Restrictions on growth and (or) age: from 125 centimeters.

This "American Gorki" model Infinity Coaster from the famous Gerstlauer Amusement Rides. At the time of writing this article in the world there are only 10 such slides, and in the UAE, it is so unique. Trolley accelerates 80 kilometers per hour.

The attraction is made based on the Madagascar cartoon, visitors fly along the decorations of the circus dome. However, the scenery is not the main thing! Affects the attraction itself, because the trolley accelerates the magnetic burner and moves almost silently.

Swamp Celebration

Restrictions on growth and (or) age: from 105 centimeters.

This is an attraction-swing. Visitors are planted in a large multi-seat Gondola, which rides back-forward on the semicircular rail and is still rotating along its central axis. Attraction based on the cartoon "Shrek", but this is almost not noticeable.


Restrictions on growth and (or) age: no.

This is a children’s play area, where the actor is in a panda costume to teach children to congratulations.

Penguin Air

Restrictions on growth and (or) age: from 90 centimeters.

Carousel based on the cartoon "Madagascar 2", where the penguins restored the aircraft and flew on it. Visitors sit in the mini-models of the aircraft and turn the pedals.

Mr. Ping’s Noodle Fling

Restrictions on growth and (or) age: from 90 centimeters.

This is a classic "Carousel Cups". Visitors are searched by "cups", which are grouped by three pieces. Cups are spinning in a circle and around their axis. The attraction is stylized under the cartoon "Kung Fu Panda", and the cups imitate cups for noodles in the noodle ping (Panda Panda Father’s Father).

King Julien’s Side Show Stomp

Restrictions on growth and (or) age: no.

This is the show, where the actor in the costume of King Julian entertains children. Other characters "Madagascar" are involved in the show. Actors actively interact with children, but only in English.

The Swinging Viking

Restrictions on growth and (or) age: from 120 centimeters.

Another attraction swing. Visitors are sitting in a big lady swing. Angles of lifting small, attraction is not terrible.

Operation Penguin Shake

Restrictions on growth and (or) age: no.

Another show, where the penguins from the Madagascar cartoon are saved from the inspector. Penguins are actively dancing and interact with children.

Kung Fu Panda: Unstoppable Awesomeness

Restrictions on growth and (or) age: from 105 centimeters.

4D cinema. Show a movie about traveling on the River Panda by and comrades. Naturally, the journey turned out to be at all quiet and not peaceful. Sound of the film only in English.

Camp Viking

Restrictions on growth and (or) age: no.

Children’s play area – Viking camp from cartoon "How to Train Your Dragon". There are entertainment with water meters, children can wet.

Important tips for visitors

– In the UAE there are two more parks with a similar set of attractions and similar to stylization. This img is here in Dubai and Warner in Abu Dhabi. Listen to them, maybe they will even like more. Read our detailed articles "IMG WORLDS Park" and "Park Warner Bros";

– peel food and drinks inside the park is prohibited. There is no control of bags at the entrance, but not very strict. You can carry baby food. We recommend to have a snack in advance, since inside the price in cafes and restaurants high;

– Children under 13 years old should always be accompanied by an adult. That is, it is impossible to leave a small child somewhere on the playground, and in the meantime, to have fun;

– inside it is impossible to carry bikes, scooters, skateboards, roller skates;

– Smoking inside the Park is prohibited. To smoke, you need to go out. The main thing – do not forget to put a press on your hand, so that then let’s let down;

– Alcohol use (if somehow it turns out to carry it inside) is strictly forbidden, as in any other public place in the UAE. Even behind the smell can not only not let inside the park, but even call the police and finish. Details in our article "Alcohol in the UAE";

– During the month of Ramadan, all cafes and restaurants inside remain open, but it is recommended to eat and drink only inside these institutions. Read more about Ramadan rules in our article "Ramadan in the UAE";

– In the park there is a dress code, although not very strict. Details about the dress code in our article "What is impossible to the UAE";

– About the features of the trip to the UAE with children, read our large article "In the UAE with children – what you need to know".

Fun entertainment in Dubai, and read our interesting articles about the UAE (List of articles below).

Motiongate Park in Dubai

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