Mothers Day. Interesting details of this holiday

Mother’s Day in Russia appeared quite recently. Usually we congratulated our moms on the International Women’s Day on March 8. And here I had an idea for mothers to make your own, hotel holiday, with gentle congratulations, wishes of health and a quiet family dinner.

Worldwide this day is celebrated in different days. But we decided to honor our moms on the last Sunday of November. So in particular in 2020, this day fell by 29.

And since this holiday came to us from abroad, I would like to know how it is celebrated in other countries.

So, for example, in America, every child, especially if he is a son, despite his employment on studies or work, be sure to find several hours to stay in the house of his mother and just sit with her. After all, you know, moms need so little.

In Canada, the Mother’s Day is something like a holiday on March 8. All family members (except mom of course), try to get up early on this day and cook a festive breakfast. Mom on this day free from all duties around the house.

In Australia, on this day, moms are made to give gifts, and absolutely no matter what they are. Adults give gifts more expensive, and kids are mostly crafts that made with their own hands.

Mothers Day. Interesting details of this holiday

In China, mom on this day is as accepted to give gifts and arrange theatrical matinees and performances.

The sweetest this holiday for mothers in Italy. All children, from Mala to Great, give their mothers on this day chocolate and various sweets.

Finland celebrates Mother’s Day by raising state flags. As in Canada, on this day, all moms free from everyday domestic affairs.

In Belarus, on this day, it is customary to give his mother postcard with gentle words and recognition in love.

Mothers Day. Interesting details of this holiday

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