Motherland Zeus on Love Outpot

summer vacation time. Until a few years ago I did not have to wrestle with and think about how to spend their legal holiday. Many were sent to the Baltic States, where they are expected not very hot sun and almost European service. Others chose Crimea. My friends and myself loved fairy Pitsunda, where next to the famous relic grove located high-rise hotels and House of Art. Those times have sunk into oblivion. Overnight, we lost a unique resort that built the entire country.

But as you know, nature abhors a vacuum, and our people gradually began to develop non-CIS countries, was surprised to find that the prices are not very different from the price level here. But the level of service, range of entertainment and living conditions are not comparable.

A little less than four hours of flying in a comfortable aircraft – and we are in Heraklion, the largest city on the island. Do not have time to go through passport control, as the representatives of the host of a travel company handed over to a small hotel and brochures. Forty minutes later, we were already in Hersonissos, a town that has become our home for seven days.

The first impression – a cypress and palm trees, in Gagra, low rocky mountains in Mishor and fine white sand on the beach, like in Jurmala.

Although, of course, Crete quite original and not similar to the Caucasus or the Crimea, nor, moreover, in the Baltic states – nature is soothing, does not tire the eyes in their monotony: mountains, valleys, gorges, tunnels. Along the road grow noble olive trees, giving the famous olives and even more famous olive oil – is the main article of Crete revenue after tourism course.

Tourists here love, not in word but in deed. They care about their comfort, well-being, pleasure, offering a variety of cognitive and cultural program. Excursions can be booked at the office or in a hotel, and you can hire a car with air conditioning and go through the neighborhood in search of adventure. Several people in our group and made. One young man, however, decided to choke on the scooter, did not cope with the control – and the whole trip went in the cast. It is good that I have not had to pay for treatment – our precious health was insured in advance on the round sum.

Towns that we passed, as a rule, are similar to each other: low houses with a flat roof, literally blinding with its whiteness. Narrow streets with shops, bars, exchange offices and car rental. On a small area, there is a modest Orthodox Church with a bright blue or blue dome. But the architecture of hotels is infinitely diverse and answers anyone, even the most exquisite taste.

As a rule, they are not high (maximum three floors) and close to the sea, the beach. Most have own pools. The so-called bungalows are very popular – small houses with all the amenities, designed for two or a family of three or four people.

As with all over the world, hotels are divided into several categories – "De luxe", 4, 3 or 2 stars. "Suites" several "Pavit" With its magnificence: marble, crystal, luxury, private pools, located near the room. Of course, in each of these hotels there are several restaurants, bars, music salons and whole sports complexes with cortions and gym, saunas, massage and other attributes necessary for complete relaxation.

More cozy and democratic hotels in hotels that have received 4 and 3 stars. They have a complete set of services with half board, that is meant in the morning and in the evening.

I would like to advise tourists not to chase as cheap and not to choose the most modest hotels. The difference in price is relatively small, but you will not experience a complex of inferiority and save on sun beds. In good hotels, they are free, and in others there are two dollars per day.

What to do in the evening ?

Many options. Some, scaping beer in the supermarket, "Sittered by numbers". The youth went to the discobar (admission is free). Someone preferred to listen to classical music in the cabin, but most often we went out for the hotel’s fence and walked along well-lit streets, looking in countless shops. Gold and silver decorations are good here and inexpensive.

At every step – bars and cozy cafes, where there are quite persistently invited to enter. There you will be offered delicious and inexpensive juices, cocktails, ice cream, pizza. Waiters are very polite and friendly. To the ours ratio while good. Traditions are also affected here (Greeks – Christians and brave struck with fascism during the Second World War), and healthy practicism: the more tourists from Russia, the more work.

In one of the evenings, our group was taken to the village. Planted for long wooden tables, put liter bottles with young wine. And the fascinating music on the stage ran out young guys and girls from the local folklore ensemble. The incendiary energy of the performers was involuntarily transferred to us, viewers, many of which entered the circle and joined the total fun.

Motherland Zeus on Love Outpot

Went to bed, in Moscow concepts, we are late – somewhere around two o’clock in the morning, but early in the morning they felt cheerful and sufficiently rested. That’s what the sea air and environmentally friendly environment. Add a feeling of complete personal safety here. Criminal elements on the island practically no. And where to go? Circle water.

As you know, the Antique Greco-Roman culture has had a huge impact on the development of European peoples. And if Greece is a cradle of Western civilization, Crete is one of its most legendary corners. It is here, in a deep cave, Zeus was born. When he grew up and became a powerful God, he liked the beautiful Phoenician Tsarevna Europe. Turning into a bull, he kidnapped the princess and gently moved it to Crete.

This poetic legend inspired many artists, including Valentina Serov, who captured her in his canvas "Abduction of Europe". Becoming Zeus’s wife, the image of which, by the way, is minted on Greek coins – drachmas, Europe gave birth to him three sons, one of which, Minos, was king of Crete.

Legends, fiction, the real reality miraculously intertwined together so that it could no longer be able to distinguish one of the other. We understood this by making an excursion to excavations of the ancient capital of Crete, founded in the XVI century to the Nativity of Christ. Here in the Palace of Knoshos was the throne of Tsar Minos, the founder of the Minoan culture, which is now proven by archaeologists, was the first high European civilization. Palace with his terracotta columns and miraculously preserved frescoes amazing imagination – he is almost four thousand years old.

Going to Crete and Cyprus, to reread legends and myths of ancient Greece. Remember the gods: Helios – God of the Sun, Hermes – the patron saint of trade and, of course, Aphrodite – the goddess of beauty and love. According to the legend, Aphrodite has a messenger – a cheerful, playful, and sometimes a cruel boy Eros. The myth says that when Eot falls into the goal, his eyes are shining with joy, he throws his curly head with a celebration and laughs loudly.

I can assure that the joyful laughter of the Messenger Aphrodite was heard everywhere, where the foot of the our man went, and this is not surprising, because the Crete can be called not only the birthplace of Zeus, but also the Island of Love. Here everything has to Tomy and Nege.

In our group there were kids seven-eight years. For this, a very capricious age also entertainment. In good hotels there are children’s towns with attractions, which, however, enjoyed and "children" Older. Water recreation lovers visited the water park, where recreationers are waiting for numerous pools, traveling along the mountain river, tested by waterways and water pipes.

As souvenirs, our people bought metaxis, local anise "Uzo", vodka resembling "Chach", White and especially pink wine, as well as olive oil and olive soap, very useful for health and, of course, silver jewelry. Notorious fur coats, which are usually driven from Greece, no one bought. Roast

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