Rodina Sherlock Holmes: London

It would seem whether to fly to Pedantic and Safornaya England. Undoubtedly, worth it! Wet soft climate, English traditions and, of course, city attraction Capital of Great Britain. Although London is considered a rather expensive city, there is no lack of tourists. Royal Guardsmen, Big Ben, Feeding Voronov in Tower, Museums With free entrance, is not enough to visit the homeland of Sherlock Holmes?

Entertainment and attractions of London

London Palaces cause Association with Royal Family. Visiting time in the absence of members of the royal family.

Famous Big Ben is a part architectural ensemble of the Westminster Palace, In numerous corridors of which it is easy to get lost, but the tower with the most accurate in London is known for the whole world and has become one of the symbols of the city.

Buckingham Palace Queen Residence. In essence, it can be considered a separate city, as it has a bar, swimming pool, hospital and even the police station. Here you can see fixed guardsmen in high fur hats.

Ancient fortress Windsor castle With the royal gardens and many interesting places also does not slip away from the attention of tourists.

Miniature Kensington Palace The official residence of the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge, an attractive interior in Victorian style and the exposition of royal outfits.

London is called the capital of museums. In many of them, the entrance is free. British museum &# 8211; Colonial Britain History and Nationwide Library, one of the biggest museums in the world. Many relics of other countries are exhibited here. Collection of ancient animals can be seen in Museum of Natural History. The most popular, of course, is Madame Tussauds museum With his wax figures, familiar in English textbooks.

Entertainment in London quite a lot, but there is something that distinguishes it from all cities is "Friday evening". The city becomes a solid part, pubs are clogged with people, and beer and elion river.

What to try: Kitchen London

Motherland Sherlock Holmes London

Many traditions came from England, but they were so entered into the our and European life that no one notices them. The main reception of the British &# 8211; breakfast. He is so abundant that you can not even lunch. Start with oatmeal, buns with jam, cutting from ham and cheese, then go to scrambled eggs with bacon, toast, as well as stew or fried vegetables.

English cuisine will appreciate all meat lovers. National dish is considered meat pie. Very tutely I roast beef, Usually it was driving a beer or element. And quite a traditional dish "Pastened Pie" &# 8211; Laminally casserole or beef with potato mashed potatoes.

For dessert Pudding fruit, with cream, candied or molasses.

Where exactly should go, so it’s in the pub &# 8211; Atmospheric place with good beer and good kitchen. Usually, the influx of people in pubs on weekdays, and especially on Fridays.

Known as the city of rains, winds and fogs, London can open on the other, unexpected side: clear and sunny. Especially he is good in March, a magical country with the aroma of magnolia, blooming whales and English lawns.

Motherland Sherlock Holmes London

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