Motherland Santa Claus in Sweden, Tomteland

Swedish Santa Claus name Tomta. And he lives, naturally, in a village, Tottelander bearing name. This village is located at the foot of Mount Gesundaberget, not far from the Swedish city of Mura. It is said that once Santa Claus once again returning to himself in Lapland, flew on his deer over the mountain and saw some light, Shine down. He was nothing to do, he was curious old old man, so I decided to see &# 8211; what is it glowing so unusual and beautiful. So he went down to the sinful land, came out of the sleigh and froze, affected by the beauty seen. Fluffy ate yes pines, with white snow on the paws, hid from curious outstands scattered there and here along the entire foot of Gesoun-R Fabulous houses, in which elves, gnomes, trolls and fairies live. In general, Grandfather Tomta decided to live here, forgetting about his return to Lapland. So read legend.

Now Tomtelland Real year-round Santa Park, which is equally fun and the smallest and very old guests. The emblem of the park was the warning signs installed everywhere along the roads leading from the outskirts of Tomatenda Center: &# 8220; carefully &# 8211; Trolli! &# 8220;. Evenings, as the local residents tell, these gullible creatures are chosen from their houses to warm up in the fresh air, and often jump on the road. And since the livestock trolls for the last thousand years significantly reduced, It would be wrong to risk their lives, so they warn drivers here, so that the speed is noted, did not stick on the road and did not press the vain of rare fabulous villagers.

By the way, this is the only limitation in Tomatenda, because the main idea of ​​his organization &# 8211; Ensuring full freedom of action to guests Park. Here you can all trample, touch, look, sniff and try tooth, leaving everywhere, walk, jump and jump.

Grandfather Tomta, of course, Main in the park, But he copes with his guests and dedmorozski duties not alone, but with the help of his friends, fabulous heroes. Duties, he has a lot of duties: all letters to read, which children play him from all over the world, put the gifts on the shelves, because not only he gives children any toys, But they send their crafts to Santa, take pictures with every guest, and, for free. Worries enough, in general. He himself would not cope.

Tomta Grandpa’s house is located in the center of the fabulous village. Confuse him with someone else it is impossible. First, it is the biggest, and secondly, in front of his wooden housing the porch are faced in Gorgeous Sani representative class of deer. Clear case, on these very sleigh in Christmas, grandfather breed gifts. In the house everything corresponds to its purpose &# 8211; serve as a residence of the wizard. A huge fireplace, a huge bed, which serves a rainbow, a huge number of books, letters, gifts in the grandfather’s office. And on the second floor there is a special room, where adult entrance is closed. There Tomta tells the breath of kids fairy tales. One bad thing, saying it can only in Swedish.

But the atmosphere itself of the magic, which surrounds the small guests of the park, seems to make ignorance of the language just minor detail for foreigners. Let it be unclear, but but beautiful and mysterious.

Motherland Santa Claus in Sweden, Tomtelland

In addition to the residence of Santa Claus in the park, many different interesting places in which every hour happens something magical and amazing. Still, because there are three schools &# 8211; Santa Claus, witches and trolls. Who would not want to visit the lesson in one of them? And in addition to schools also passes Parade of fabulous heroes, Presentations in the Music Theater, all sorts of animation programs are organized. Trolls and gnomes, elves and witches surround the park visitors everywhere, their houses, neat, beautiful, can be visited, you can talk with them. And wherein there is no sense of mass, inherent in many parks supplied to the commercial basis. Somehow everything is natural, both friendliness, and improvisation of local actors who have fun to react to any children’s deed. Indeed, coming to Tomllow.

Family holiday in Sweden, As you know, the priority direction of the tourist industry. Therefore, children everywhere pays special attention. And in a special Santa Park, especially. But the adults here are there to do, even if they do not want to participate in those entertainment, By which Tomteland is replete.

They can sit and have a snack in one of the restaurants, dance on the disco, just relax in the picturesque natural zone, under the mysterious model of the forest. Best programs, The brightest ideas here occur, of course, during the Christmas holidays and for the new year. At this time, Santa Claus village &# 8211; Permanent fireworks miracles, Forcing adults to forget about their age and sincerely admire the fiction of the Swedish organizers of Tomatenda.

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