Motherland of the first alphabet

What a person needs on the road? Book, interesting articles, horoscope, crossword. So questions:

1. Where is the world’s largest amphitheater?

2. In the territory of which country there was the first murder in the history of mankind?

3. The capital of which state is considered ancient?

4. In which country you can hear the language of Christ?

5. Name the homeland of the first alphabet.

"See Paris and die" – So could say a person who never happened in Syria. On this earth you will find traces of the ancient Greeks, Romans, Persians, see the castle of Crusaders Krak de Chevalé, tap to the tomb with the head of John the Baptist.

About Syria You can write novels and dissertations, shoot movies and lecture. But you are interested in what? where? when? How much?

Tourists who visited here, with warmth recall the hospitality and cheerful character of the Syrians. On ours in Syria react positively. If you wish an even more friendly attitude towards yourself (although much better!), say magic words-"Marhaba, Ana Russia" ("hi im our"), for funny importance, you can add "Russia Habir" ("our specialist"). In response, you will hear a lot of flattering words about your compatriots, but there are, of course, critical comments, and nostalgic memories of the former friendship of the USSR – Syria.

In the store, hairdresser, bath (you have already been there or made a good order) you will be offered a cigarette, tea or coffee. On a visit you will have to wait for treats, first – conversation. And only late in the evening you will be invited to the rich table. The Arab proverb says: "Only a bad person in a hurry", Therefore, do not perceive literally the word "burst" ("tomorrow"), especially when your interlocutor adds: "In Shalla" ("as Allah gives"). The appointed meeting can take place for an hour, two later – however, this custom does not apply to diplomats, guides, doctors and other responsible persons.

In Syria, you can buy all or almost all. The idea of ​​winter things with the Arabs does not coincide, so do not look for a mink coat or Unputa here. Technique is better to acquire in Russia – cheaper! But clothes, fabrics, jewelry, some exotic products and, of course, buy souvenirs profitable and interesting. Remember, any seller will appoint you a price of two or three times higher than the real. During bargain, do not forget the word "Iktukba" ("Write a price") In this case, the amount will be typed on the calculator, and the expression "Shu-U?! I salyam!" ("what?! I do not agree!"). Bargaining is inappropriaten, perhaps only in Sony’s branded stores, Benetton, NaF-Naf, Puma.

By purchasing an expensive costume, curtains, bedspread ($ 20 and higher), boldly hint at the present (belt, socks, other trifle). More complicated with jewelry. We advise them to buy them in "Oonovsky" shops designed for Europeans. Local jewelers have their own concepts of beauty: the heavier decoration, the better. This tradition is connected with the canons of Islam, for which it is enough for her husband three times to pronounce "Talatik" ("I’m laughing with you") – And the wife must leave that it is worth it at this moment. Agree, it’s not bad if there is a lot of gold on it. A B "Oonovsky" Shop selling elegant products whose quality will envy Jewelers of Italy and Israel. After buying, demand "Fatur" (receipt).

Be vigilant and do not worry

Embassies, hospitals, houses of government officials and even some roads are protected in Syria. But let you not be confused by the abundance of police and military: the country is in the formal state of war with Israel.

If you lose things, money, pets, do not worry: the police themselves will find you or will guard the loss. In Syria, the presence of expensive things the subject does not envy, but respect. So you are a big man. Not even knowing the language and numbers (you will be surprised, but the Arab numbers are unfamiliar to you), feel free to stretch the wallet merchant: he does not deceive. (The rule does not always apply to merchants speaking our; we themselves spoiled them.) By the way, our, long living in Syria and often appearing in one or another commercial institution, can safely ask the goods in debt (for $ 100-200 or more). With it, they do not even require a document, but simply marry a name in the barn book. Believe me, not every American or European boasts such confidence.

But where the vigilance is required, it is on the road! In Syria, there is almost no concept "Traffic Laws". Signs and traffic lights – convention! Only mutual respect and mutual understanding. The driver will always miss a woman, a child and one who will ask for this (for this you need to collect your fingers into a pinch and turn it up). If the dispute arose between two motorists, an inslace advantage will be behind the owner of a more expensive car. With a light accident, the police station does not threaten you. Guards of the order will wait until the parties come to consent.

A few words about the rules of behavior. Syria is not an orthodox Muslim country. In addition, several millions of its citizens – Christians (mainly Orthodox, but there are Armenian-Gregorian, Uniates, Maronites). Moreover, the Assad clan (country leaders) is not Muslim. However, it is impossible to forget that Islam is the official religion of the country. Calm in Syria is largely determined by reliapability and mutual respect. Honor the tradition of the country in which you travel. Women are not recommended to greet her knees and shoulders (even in the heat it is better to have a dress or a blouse with a long skirt). But you really want to walk in the topic and shorts? Go to the Christian Damascus area – Bab Tum.

In the sacred month of Ramadan (and in different years he falls on different days and even months) refrain from smoking, meals, drinking drinks (even water!) outside. Syria is not Iran or Saudi Arabia, but you see, more pleasant to see a smile than hear grinding. Soul asks? Go to any European restaurant, hotel (koi a lot) or visit the Bab Tum area. And yet it is better to just admire the Damascus and take care of the thought that, having come to the hotel room, you can afford anything, and Muslim even at home you need to wait for the sunset (a shot of guns). By the way, this signal is for you – go out into the city and boldly walk until the morning! Night Damascus – this is a sea of ​​neon lights, traffic lights and. Sleptly. You will see orthodoxi on our balconies, and hear how cutlery knocks around the city. Knowing our character, I will say – alcohol in Syria is. In stores its choice is huge – from local beer and anise vodka "Arak" to the Scottish Whiskey and French Wine. But. know where to drink how much drinking and with whom to drink. In your room – please! But our our "Let’s go going" can end in prison. The same threatens the ladies who decided that they were at Place Pigal in Paris, this partly contributes to the very not indifferent attitude of local men to our girls. But I ask you not to worry, Arab will not even go to a strictly holding woman. And the latest advice. There may always be unforeseen circumstances, you were checked, heated, tried to stick. Your reaction?! Say a mysterious word "Mukhabarat". "Mukhabarat" – This is a mixture of state security, secret and criminal police. Syrians are afraid of this organization like fire. Honest citizen she does not threaten. One of its tasks is to create a favored and calm mode for foreigners. The ruling party is going to turn Syria into a tourist Mecca, and without order it is not to achieve.

Motherland of the first alphabet

Attractions and entertainment

By the number of historical monuments on one square kilometer Syria ranks first in the world. So accept the fact that you will not see all. In addition, hardworking archaeologists annually discover something new.

French geographer Jacqueline God-Garnier says that everything is impossible to know, but it is necessary to strive for this. Follow the wisdom to the Council and make a route that would allow you to get acquainted with Syria as close as possible.

Our plane arrives in Damascus, with it’s when we start the journey. Neither trail is not a blowjob National Museum. Here you get a first impression about the country. And in the park to see spuskatelny machine, donated by our country Syria after a joint space flight, and military equipment to the Syrian army, produced in the USSR. Then you should visit the Umayyad Mosque, where the head of John the Baptist at rest (he is highly respected among the Muslims). The very same mosque is notable for the fact that several reconstructions. At first it was a temple Aramean god Hadad, then Jupiter Damascus. All this has turned into a Byzantine basilica of San Zaccaria, then to St. John the Baptist Church, and finally, the mosque. By the way, in the era of his youth of the two great world religions, Christians and Muslims prayed here together for 70 years. Only in 708 the Caliph Walid confiscated church, allowing Christians to build several churches and returning snatched. Umayyad Mosque only where preserved Christian mosaic! By mosque adjacent bazaar "Hamed". According to the Syrians, it is the biggest market in the Middle East. So whether it is difficult to argue,. But what you can not do it for all days of stay in Syria, and that after "Hamed" will not surprise any market of the world – just! At the entrance to "Hamed" note Pobednik Crusaders Salah al-Din.

Visit The parking Soroka, located on Mount Kasyun (though it can only reach on foot). Jewish, Muslim and Christian traditions have different interpretations of events, but all agree on one thing: it was here that Cain killed Abel. At this place there was the first murder in the history of mankind. The cave entrance is free, but remember: the keeper-guide has no other income, so leave him at least 100 liras ($ 2) to group.

Next, you are waiting for the village of Sednaya and Maaloula (respectively 22 and 50 km from Damascus). At first you visit an Orthodox church Sednayskoy the Mother of God (VI century. N. NS.), The second – the monastery of St. Sergius, where you can see an ancient altar in the world. But the most incredible is that it is here that you will hear the language of Christ. This is the only place on Earth, where about 6 thousand. Man (in three villages) speak West Aramaic dialect of the Syrian language.

240 km from Damascus is Palmyra. To take up the story of such a legendary city – too bold. His great government of Zenobia wrote glorified historians and writers. It is mentioned in the Assyrian tables of the beginning of 11 thousand. to N. NS. For Petersburger, a resident of North Palmyra, a matter of honor to visit him.

Even closer (about 140 km from Damascus) is Bosra. The golden age of the city fell on the 11thII century. N. NS. He is famous for the amphitheater for 10 thousand. seating, built at the beginning of III in. N. NS. Theater is still valid. Every four years it hosts an international folk festival. In the Bosra, the Muhammad’s charter first heard bakhira from Christian, not only the Word of God, but also the prediction – the Arabs 6 will send the messenger of God’s uniform.

You have left two or three days? Then visit the home of the first alphabet – the city of Ugarit, located in the northwest of Syria. It was here that it was invented (most likely in the XV-XIV centuries. to N. NS.) First alphabet. Actually, the word itself "alphabet" goes back to the names of the first Phoenician letters: "aleph" (bull) and "BET" (House). Also found signs XV in BC.NS. With the record of clinox notes.

Unfortunately, our journey comes to an end. And we have not visited the Aple, Castle Saon, the city of Tartus, Aleppo, Hama, Homs, Serkill, Shahn. Places where events related to Alexander Macedonian, Salah-Ad-Din, Crusaders and the French of the Newest History were unfolded. But after all, the acquaintance with this beautiful country only begins.

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