Momula fortress

Along the coast of the Boloko Peninsulas, small uninhabited islands are often found. There are no conditions for the lives of people on them, and there are only swallows. So it was with a small island located at the entrance to the bay, it was also called Lastochkin Island. Many centuries only their cheerful peak and noise waves were heard on his deserted shores. While in the mid-19th century, General Lazar Mamoula did not appreciate the entire strategic location of the island and did not give an orders for construction on this small island, with an area of ​​only 200 square meters of a super modern powerful fortress.

In a rather compressed, the deadlines on the island were built, equipped with the latest construction of defensive structures of the pore. Powerful multi-meter walls could withstand the hits of large shells, built throughout the perimeter of the island, he received a shelling radius of 360 degrees. The fortress was called in honor of General Mamoum.

Mother's fortress Attractions Herceg Novi Travel Guide

During World War I, the fortress and its defenders were able to successfully reflect several attacks. But during the Second World War, it was used by the Germans as a camp, in which they contained prisoners. It was a very sad page in the history of fort.

Now the fortress is in launch, but at the same time is protected by the state. Tourists are brought here, taking excursions talking about her story.

Mother's fortress Attractions Herceg Novi Travel Guide

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