Mother roads – Route 66. Highway long 3940 kilometers!

Route 66 – One of the most famous trails in the world, which is located in the USA and runs through several states: Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, California. Her length – 3940 kilometers.

Route 66 became famous in the middle of the last century due to songs and movies. The greatest popularity of her brought a cult picture "Careless Riding" (1969) with Peter Stock, Jack Nicholsons and Dennis Hopper.

Among the songs written in honor of Route 66, you can highlight "Get Your Kicks ON" Bobby Traupa. Initially, the song was written in 1946 for the trio of Nat King Cole. In the future, it was performed by Chuck Berry, Depeche Mode and The Rolling Stones.

The history of the road began back in 1925, when the US Congress decided to create a national motorway system. Despite the fact that the opening of Route 66 was held on November 11, 1926, road signs appeared only in 1927, and asphalt coating – in 1936.

In 1927, "Association of Highway 66" appeared in the city of Tuls (Oklahoma), which was engaged in the popularization of the road. Its first advertising project was the transcontinental mileage of Los Angeles – New York, most of which went through Route 66.

The event was supported by many celebrities, including Will Rogers (American comedian, cowboy). In Santa Monica, where the road ends, a memorial is installed in his honor.

Highway 66 has undergone many changes. Initially, it extended from Chicago to Los Angeles, but as a result of the rearrangements and modernization, its western end moved to Santa Monica.

The famous track is also called the "mother of all roads", "The main street of America", "Highway Will Rogers" and "Big Diagonal Road".

Mother roads - Route 66. Highway long 3940 kilometers!

Over time, "Mother of all roads" has become one of America’s main highways. During the Second World War, Military Cargo transported on it. And in the middle of 20 centuries, tourists came to the coast of the Pacific.

In 1930-40, numerous restaurants, gas stations, motels and cafes were located along the road.

In the 1950s, the US government decided to build a new, more modern motorway system. And although, some plots of the "Main Street of America" ​​continued to be used, she began to lose their value.

In 1985, the track was officially brought out of operation. However, she had many fans, which in 1987 revived "Highway Association 66". Her new task was the popularization of "Mothers of Road" as a historical landmark.

In 1999, a law on the preservation of the heritage of Route 66 was published, and in the National Museum of the US History Opened Exposition Dedicated to the Legendary Road.

Mother roads - Route 66. Highway long 3940 kilometers!

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