Mother Earth, Father-Meteorite

Unknown. Moreover, Yudol tears was created not one day and not even biblical seven. Although a relatively accurate year can be installed. Rather, Million. Earth "appeared on the light" 4.54 billion years ago. And ingredients, from which the earth’s "baked" are baked, are completely obvious – the so-called chondrites. This is the most common class of meteorites consisting mainly of silicates. It is believed that it was from chondrites that "the embryo" of our planet was formed (this is confirmed by the latest experiments of scientists on the formation of mini-land from the real chondrites who arrived from space). But the new attack of cosmic wanderers has changed the upper layers of a young planet. Thanks to her on Earth, more magnesium, calcium and aluminum appeared. When she happened and what caused it – is still unknown. But the fact remains: our mother is not land, but meteorites, of which it is created.

Bomb life-giving

Earth is not a difficult teenager, although her childhood also had a "post-war". That is, military. 3.9 billion years ago, our planet bombarded countless meteorites and asteroids remaining from the formation of the solar system. They carried not only destruction. Tiny droplets of water in the form of ice fell on the roasting land and stayed here forever. And for more than 20 million years form puddles, rivers, sea and finally oceans. So every drop of water in your cup – billions of years. And with this you need to somehow live.

First life

Amino acids. They are organic compounds. They are bricks of life. The very first. And all of them are in meteorites, comets and asteroids. So life on our planet, in complete agreement with the "saffron" publications, really appeared thanks to the aliens from space – meteorites. At least this version adheres to most scientists.

Young land from the very beginning was "infected" with life. More precisely, the forerun. Amino acids are the first step above the abyss between live and inanimate matter. Further organic was probably synthesized in volcanic gases under the influence of electrical discharges, such as lightning. Then at the bottom of the ocean, near the hydrothermal sources. Then dinosaurs appeared. Joke. Between the first cell and gigantic lizards – billions of years. But life appeared. Thanks to meteorites.

First death

470 million years ago. Life is chisit, but so far in the oceans. On land is fatally dangerous – ultraviolet (the protective ozone layer has not yet been formed). But something damaged the orbits of meteorites in the belt of asteroids between Mars and Jupiter – the scorer rushed to the ground. But she was not afraid of shelling, as his consequences: the most powerful earthquakes and storms, hung throughout the planet. Meteorites destroyed life. To create new one. At this time there was a sharp leap of a species diversity.

Last dinosaur

Think, king of nature – lion? Human? Mistake. King of Nature – Dinosaur. Neither before, nor after the earth did not carry so huge and majestic creatures. Yes, even those who rule on the planet 160 million years in a row.

"Monarchs" thugged asteroid (the same thing that the meteorite, but the size of Mount Everest), fallen on Earth 65 million years ago. True, on this occasion today active disputes. Like, one asteroid little. Dinosaurs could submit volcanic eruptions, a close gamma splash (incredibly powerful electromagnetic radiation, which periodically occurs in the universe), a sharp jump in the magnetic field of the Earth and other troubles. The latter, as you know, do not come alone, so that the factors most likely there were a lot. But the asteroid still fell. In memory of him, the Mexican Bay and Folk Wisdom remained – it does not survive not strong, and cunning. Such as the first mammals, which were the size of the rat, hid from the volcanic heat in the holes and fed on what will have to. So survived. Some of them then turned into people who read this text. It happened if the asteroid did not fall, – unknown. One thing is clear – the dinosaurs armed to the teeth would never have allowed the "crown of creation" to rule over the world.

We introduce?

It’s time. We have many obliged meteorites – it would be nice to know them in the face. First, meteorites are not asteroids (which, as we have already said, huge, rare and dangerous) and not comets (which arrive at all from afar, from the extreme windows of the solar system, have an elongated orbit and often gas "tail"). Meteorites – small, ordinary weight – 10 g. All that over, is called damn.

Meteorites are divided into groups twice. First as of state. Meteoroid – body that flies in space. Meteor – what flies in the atmosphere. Meteorite – what flew to the earth. Second classification – in composition: stone, iron, iron-stone and possibly ice.

Kamennye include chondrites (silicant) and acundes (meteorites without rounded inclusions – Hondron, in composition close to earth basalts). Differ from ordinary earth stones with a characteristic "grilled crust". "NUTRO" of such a meteorite – another compared to this color crust and structure. Chondrita, for example, resemble the Servelat on the cut – due to Hondron.

It’s also easier to learn iron meteorites. Take a piece of plasticine, wash your finger on all sides. This is what iron meteorite looks like. Only hard. When he flew through the atmosphere, characteristic deepening, similar to the traces from the fingers on the plasticine, were formed in his body. Or on a potato-sled potatoes.

Mother Earth, Father-Meteorite

Rare and insanely beautiful breed meteorites – iron-stone. Especially if you look at the light. In fact, it is a piece of iron and nickel alloy, where mineral grains of Olivine are engaged. They say this combination is possible only in weightlessness, on Earth the natural alloys of stone with metal are not found.

Nobody seen ice meteorites. Very simple – they melt. Where did you know about them? In the footsteps. So, one of the most famous in the entire history of mankind – the Tungusian meteorite, falling in 1907 in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, was probably ice. Because it was not found in the parts, and the funnel from the fallen trees remained.

Meteoric fever

Analog Golden. No, not gold – diamond. For you know – some meteorites are a fortune. These are stones from the Moon and Mars – from $ 2,000 to $ 10,000 per 1 g. To certainly identify them, of course, only specialists can.

Next are iron-stone. For beauty and unusualness. Then those with whom some romantic story is connected. For example, in 1992, a bright meteorite flew over the American town of Pixwell. He saw a lot of people, and he fell into exactly the old girl with a lonely girl and finally finished it. The girl, however, was not confused – passed a meteorite and a car to the local Museum of Local Lore. For which he received a round sum on which a new car acquired, and in general a lot of things.

Next – Iron: Pendant from such a meteorite will cost you an average of 10,000 rubles. Cheapest – Stone Chondrites: from $ 2 to $ 3 for 1 g.

Meteorites are business. They produce them mainly in the Arabian and North African deserts. There are almost no stones here, so the guys traveling here on quad bikes know what they do. But even more "catch" in those who are looking for meteorites in Antarctica, away from the shore. There are no stones in principle, so if you have found such pebbles among eternal snow, is the probability that this meteorite is 100%.

And meteorites have "favorite" regions, where they beat most often. This is Europe, USA, Australia and North Africa. To the question why exactly here, scientists are only bred by their hands.

Mother Earth, Father-Meteorite

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