Mostar (Mostar)

Mostar enters the top five of the most famous cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina, thanks to the amazing compound of the cultures of the two peoples – Croats and Bosnian Muslims. The population of the city today is about 105,000 people, and the River of Nerretva serves as a conventional border of the Croatian and Bosnian part.

general information

Mostar – Beautiful original city, as well as a popular cultural and tourist place, which hosts a large number of music and film festivals with the participation of world and Balkan stars. Many events have become traditional, but due to care restrictions, their schedule is better to specify before traveling.

Geography and climate

The city is located 120 km south-west of Sarajevo and 83 kilometers north of the only seaside resort of the country – Neum. The soft Mediterranean climate makes this Balkan region comfortable for all types of tourism at any time of the year.

Where to stay in Mostar?

In Mostar there are no problems with searching for housing for tourists – Many options are always available, hotels and apartments to Campgrounds.

Attractions Mostara

Mostar – a small town, so you can walk on foot and visit all the most interesting places.

Old Bridge (Stari Most) Through the nonrevutva is under the protection of UNESCO and is a bridge business card. It is located in the city center, which is also protected by UNESCO. The bridge was built by the Turks in 1566, but was destroyed during the war of 1993. Renovated in 2004 using most of the original materials. The Museum of the Old Bridge with the entrance to the underground tunnels is located nearby.

Every year (from 1968) in late July, competitions on jumping from the old bridge, which attract a large number of tourists. As a rule, there are jumpers and outside the season – On the local custom, jumping from a height of 24 m are made after collecting money from the audience, with the fading of the hearts of waiting for an extreme spectacle. Dangerous art is transmitted from generation to generation with indigenous people of Mostar.

Kriva Bridge (Kriva ćuprija) Built in 1558 and reminds the old bridge. Destroyed by flooding in 2001, but restored on the initiative of UNESCO.

House Muslibugovich (Muslibovića Kuća) Constructed 300 years ago and is considered one of the most beautiful buildings of the Ottoman period in the Balkans. The house is divided into male and female. Part of the structure is converted to the hotel.

House Kajtazova Kuća The end of the 16th century was a harem of the Turkish judge. The original structure, Ottoman wallpaper and books in Arabic have been preserved. House and now belongs to the descendants of the family.

Hammam Museum (Hamam Museum) Located in the only preserved Hammam in Mostar. The building is dated to the end of 16 – beginning of the 17th century.

Cathedral of the Virgin Mary Mother of the Church (Marijo, Majko Kristova I Majko CRKVE) – One of the four Catholic Cathedrals of Bosnia and is built in postmodern style.

Cathedral Church of the Holy Trinity (Saborna CRKVA SV. Trojice) – One of the oldest and most beautiful Orthodox churches in the Balkans.

Mosque Koski Mehmed-Pasha (Koski Mehmed-PAšINA Džamija) was built in 1619 and is in the oldest part of the Mostar. Having bought inexpensive tickets, you can climb the minaret and admire the exciting view of the city.

Hills around the city – Popular Places for Hiking, The most famous trails are laid on Mount Hum (HUM).

Mostar (Mostar)

What to eat in Mostar?

Balkan cuisine is an interesting combination of Western and Eastern traditions.

Chevaps, Burek, Meat from Sacha, Bosanesky Lonac, Rashlik, Sudzhuk, Musaka, Sarma, Camppit – List of infinite. Dishes are prepared from lamb, pork, chicken, beef, vegetables and different types of dough. Baked, stealing or fries it all in a special dishes.

Useful information

  1. In Mostar there are several modern shopping center. For souvenirs and local products, it is best to go to the famous ancient market, located near the old bridge. On Causes of Bazaar, you can buy goods that have been done during the times of the Ottoman Empire, as well as sit in small cafes and drink homemade coffee from copper dishes.
  2. Even in the most modest food restaurant, the food will always be qualitatively prepared and tasty, and prices will delight tourists who are accustomed to the European level, even on the road, by local standards, institution.
  3. Smoking is allowed in public places in the city everywhere, with the exception of non-smoking areas, which are in some cafes and restaurants.
  4. Tips are not particularly common in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but in tourist places it is customary to round the amount in the biggest.

How to get to Mostar

Mostar Airport is located 7 km from the city. Most flights are seasonal, but flights to Zagreb are available all year round.

Sarajevo Airport is about 70 km.

Buses run from Sarajevo, Medzhhorje and Tuzla (Bosnia), Dubrovnik and Split (Croatia), Podgorica (Montenegro) and Belgrade (Serbia).

Mostar is located on the railway, which connects Plitch (Croatia) and Sarajevo, as well as at the crossroads of important highways, on the E73 highway, which connects Hungary with the Adriatic Sea.

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