Most serious tourist diseases

Despite the gigantic achievements in the field of tropical medicine and the treatment of exotic diseases, travelets are undergoing a number of serious diseases against which doctors are powerless. These diseases are generated by the bizarre game of the imagination of the tourist and people surrounding the patient need to be thoroughly.

1. Exaggeration (accurate)

Especially often affects tourists who are long on the trip. Symptoms: Traveler begins to exaggerate (or downberant) time spent on the way, the number of landmarks seen, the number of spent money. In principle, the disease is not an inclision, but if your companion starts telling about the train on the train, he has long been traveled to 50 cents a day, sleeping on a bench in city parks, and drinks only his urine, just in case, go to the next compartment.

2. Syndrome "Immersion in tradition"

Tourist begins to manicly copy the manner of behavior, style of clothing and traditions of the country of residence. The disease is especially common in India, Southeast Asia and South America. Less often found in Switzerland. Usually passes as close to the house, but there are cases where the painful state continues for a long time after returning to the homeland.

3. Syndrome "Cultural rejection"

The tourist begins the attack of maniacal love for the Fatherland and fierce denial of everything that he sees in a foreign country. Lexicon is narrowed to one phrase "We are better!".

4. "Inflammation of spirituality"

Symptoms: frozen soft smile and an unexpected transition to vegetarianism. The patient begins to seem to seem that the life of a modern Western European man completely depends on the eleven part of the Divine with a Blue Flash.

5. Exacerbation of misappropriate.

A tourist loses the ability to pay for any item or service, even if he has this subject in his homeland or a service ten times more expensive. You can try to make money for it, but be careful: it can break out a whole lecture, the essence of which is reduced to the fact that "It’s not about money here, but in principle!"

6. Obsessive idea to eat any beloved food.

Most serious tourist diseases

It is usually the result of a long stay on an unusual or hard diet. Symptoms: an irresistible desire to eat a favorite cookie or a certain variety of chips. If the traveler does not control himself, he can turn up the bottom of the local supermarket, and then rush into the aerial enterprise and fly home the first aircraft. With an acute attack, we recommend adding a little ketchup to the tourist to the rice plate.

7. Amnesia professional activity.

You probably noticed that all people meet with you usually have some luxurious profession: they are writers, artists, actors or, as a last resort, children of very rich parents. No one ever admits that he serves in a bank or works at a filling station. Instant healing occurs when meeting with a person who really cooperates with this agency, publishing house or exhibition hall.

eight. Pathological strengthening of articulation.

Usually amazes tourist in countries where it does not understand his native language, nor English. The traveler who suffers with this disease begins to talk with the hotel administrator, the waiter, the clerk in the bank is very loud and slowly, carefully articulating every sound. With that patient, it begins to seem like a tense native to him understands what he says.

nine. Syndrome hypertrophied sympathy.

Serious disease itself. The patient feels an insurmountable desire "understand" Natives, in their problems. Symptoms: nodding head (usually with raised eyebrows), tarnation of a quiet, heartfelt voice and a tendency to explain any rudeness from local residents "Differences in cultural traditions". Especially dangerous in combination with pathological enhancement of articulation. The patient should be isolated immediately and evacuated from the country.

Most serious tourist diseases

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