Most sanatoriums in the Kuban will not open in 2020

Natalia Kostenko, State Duma deputy, representing Kuban, held an online conference on which the problems of launching the holiday season were discussed. Kostenko reported that resort and sanatorium organizations did not receive any support from the state. Moreover, the sanatoriums faced harsh requirements for work, which practically put the cross at the opening this year. Many complexes have moved the opening time from July to September and even November.

Rospotrebnadzor and other controlling departments have advanced 150 demand sanatoriums, while hotels and guest houses faced less limitations. Representatives of Rospotrebnadzor explain such tough measures in that sanatoriums are medical institutions, local guests are people from the risk group. Also in the department warn that if the second outbreak of the disease happens, the safety measures will be tightened even more.

In total, in the Krasnodar Territory there are 201 Sanatorium-resort complex, and only 88 will be renewed. Critical situation, says General Director of the Sochi Complex «Knowledge» Dmitry Bogdanov.

People who planned to relax in local health resorts, are increasingly returning vouchers. Bogdanov notes that only their return amounts reach three million rubles a day, and this is about 35 million per month. Such a huge financial damage fails to overlap the regenerative measures that the government offers.

Most sanatoriums in the Kuban will not open in 2020

Additional difficulties consist in the fact that many sanatoriums cannot participate in credit support programs. Because of the seasonality of its work, the complexes are not able to save 80% of the state. True, those sanatoriums, whose state has more than a thousand employees, also loses in comparison with resort organizations with personnel from two hundred people – when calculating financial assistance, the government prefers the last.

Sanatorium executives faced serious financial problems. They need to pay bills, pay salary to employees, support infrastructure, and due to the lack of vacationers to replenish the budget of organizations with nothing. In addition, it is still incomprehensible who should cover the costs of testing to coronavirus for preferential categories of vacationers (pensioners, people with disabilities, large families and other).

While the sanatoriums are empty, «private owners» in Kuban flourish. Already in June, the cost of an apartment in Sochi took up to five thousand rubles a day.

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