Most popular travel and travelers memes

Travel theme also interested meme creators. We selected the 10 best pictures that you will definitely raise the mood.

1. Waiting – Reality

You can find different memes with the plot "Waiting – Reality". And travel theme is no exception. Tourists go to a certain country or city with a view to contemplated world-famous sights and landscapes, seen in the photo on the Internet. But often the real picture is significantly different from the expected. First, photos from the network can be embellished with the help of special effects that are absent in real perception. And secondly, in such places there are often a lot of tourists, and they simply interfere with the sight of the landmark.

2. Traveling with friends

Mem is close to those who are often planning traveling with friends. Usually, many familiar, burning desire to go to the resort or visit the exotic country. But closer to the trip they have interfering factors. As a result, one resistant traveler remains, which is forced to look for travelers on a trip.

Traveling with friends

3. Eternal problem of heavy baggage

Mem will appreciate travelers, often flying by airplanes and facing the problem of heavy. The solution that is offered by them at the airport, often merry people.

Eternal problem of heavy baggage

4. Travel with parents

Mem will win traveling with parents. Usually in this case, things are collected in advance, and you come to the airport for a couple of hours earlier in order not to be late. It happens, the behavior comes to the absurd.

Travel with parents

5. "Close here"

Mem about those who do not like to spend money on transport and prefers to walk on foot. Especially the occupational situation happens when the company is trusted to a friend, the "knowledgeable" the shortest road. If it is possible to get to the point of destination – luck, even if it was spent a couple of hours. In most cases, the story ends with a call to a taxi to at least drive somewhere.

6. For lovers photos from rest

Mem for couples in love. Everyone comes to a resort with some kind of purpose. Someone wants to relax and relax, someone – break away to the full, and for someone it is important to bring beautiful photos from the resort. And the situation when the goals did not coincide.

For lovers photos from rest

7. So as not to do it

Most popular travel and travelers memes

Idea for eternal samplers of their baggage at the airport.

So as not to do it

eight. I fly to Dubai!

Introducing Lifehak those who this year with rest on the sea did not work out. Repeat it easy, and most importantly – no need for a lot of money.

nine. Competition for the most original photo

There are many attractions in the world to see which millions of people dream. And here you can not do without a photo confirming their presence in a particular place. But often the process of creating such photos turns into a separate story. Especially if everyone is trying to do the most original, in their opinion, photo.

Competition for the most original photo

ten. Finally rest

Finally, we offer a meme showing the true state of the soul of those who finally went to the long-awaited vacation after a year of hard work.

We hope you have enjoyed viewing the collected memes, and we were able to hang you.

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