Most Popular Ski Resorts of Belarus

It is logical that the lack of mountain arrays do not favor the development of ski tourism in the country, but where there is a demand, there will be a sentence.

For a long time, the mountain ski lovers in Belarus were content with only natural abused hills, but since 2001, full-fledged ski resorts began to appear here, with prepared and illuminated tracks, listeners and related infrastructure.

In comparison with the average ski resorts somewhere in Austria or France, they are here, of course, rather modest, but considering the Belarusian plain relief, it is still better than nothing.

The first ski resort of Belarus in 2001 became the complex «Yakut Mountains», outdoor «Yakuta», Then ski centers opened «Logoish», «Sili» and «Sunny Valley».

Skiing can also be ride under Minsk in the Olympic sports complex «Raubichi», in Mazyr and Rube. But in this article we will tell you about the four most popular ski resorts of Belarus.

Ski Center "Logoish"

Logoish – A major ski sports and wellness center, located 38 kilometers north of the center of Minsk on the highway Minsk-Vitebsk, near the city of Logoisk. Rightly considered the largest in Belarus and one of the best.

5 ski slopes with a total length of 3,679 m are open in the center (heights of 82 m), they are all covered, as well as a 70 meter meter for beginners, a four-cerebral cable car and a bougiel lift. Hotel, Restaurant, Cafe, Ski Equipment Rental Item and Medpunk.

Ski Center "Sili"

Sili – Ski center, located 36 kilometers north of the center of Minsk on the highway Minsk-Vitebsk, not far from the center of Logoisk.

It offers 3 illuminated highways of various degrees of complexity (650, 700 and 920 m, a drop of up to 100 meters), equipped with a chair cableway, as well as a separate 270 metering highway for a snowboard, equipped with a double chairlift. There are also 120 meter learning tracks and 70 metering children’s, both with bugel lifts.

In addition, the Silichas have highways for tubing, for snowmobile riding (2.5 km) and cross-country skiing (1.1 km).

Most Popular Ski Resorts of Belarus

Hotel Town, Restaurant, Cafes, Ski Equipment Rental, Medpunkt, and Mini Market.

Ski Center "Sunny Valley"

Sunny Valley – Ski Complex on the banks of the reservoir in the city of Minsk. That is why it is not surprising that it is very popular among the inhabitants of the capital. In the winter months here you can ride mountain and cross-country skiing, snowboarding, tubing and skates.

Guests can enjoy 2 ski slopes: the main, length of 215 meters and a 40 meter height difference and training, length of 125 m and 30 meter height difference. Lifts – Bugel. There is a snowpark for extreme lovers and a slope for tubing. Works equipment, restaurant and cafe.

Ski Center "Yakut Mountains"

Yakut Mountains – Small recreation park, located 38 kilometers south-west of Minsk, in Dzerzhinsky district.

It features a 480 metering ski trail (60 meter height difference), equipped with a bougid lift, as well as equipment rental, ski school, tubing and snowmobile trails.

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