Most Popular Attractions in Maldives

Maldives you can see many natural attractions: islands, beaches or reefs. But the archipelago is rich and cultural monuments that must be visited when traveling to Maldives.

Sultana Park

Sultan Park was built on the territory of his old palace. Almost all buildings associated with the building were destroyed. Only palace gardens survived, which were turned into a park, Subsequently named "Park Sultan". Here you can see a lot of exotic inhabitants and tropical vegetation.

The most surviving part of the palace was restored and turned into National Museum. For tourists and locals, this place is the most favorable. Most likely visitors attract bird songs and flowers growing around.

Presidential palace

The construction is made in medieval style and deservedly is one of the most popular attractions. Maldives. The construction of the presidential palace began in 1906. The order for the construction gave the Sultan of that era. Nowadays, various guests who have received invitations are in the palace.

Friday mosque

Maldives for preaching Islam occupies a territory opposite the presidential palace presented above. Gilding is applied to the dome of the building. It is worth noting a unique fact about the mosque of the Great Friday: It was erected on the territory of the Church for the Gentiles, dedicated to God Yaril (God of the Sun).

Cyrp Sultan Ibrahima

One of the stunning attractions of Male &# 8211; Sultan Ibrahim Sultan, built in about 1648 &# 8211; 1687.

Crypt looks like Standard structure of stone and has a roof in the form of a triangle. In appearance, the construction is distinguished by carvings and patterns.

One of the features of the crypt is the tile placed above the entrance to the room. She completely survived and did not destroy. The perestroika of the crypt took place in 1995 and to this day the tomb &# 8211; One of the main urban attractions.

Underwater restaurants. Restaurant "ITHAA"

Maldives are surprised by the underwater restaurants that for us in a novelty. A restaurant "ITHAA" &# 8211; The very first underwater restaurant around the world. It goes deep into the water surface of 5 meters.

The name of the restaurant, "ITHAA", into our with Maldives translates as "nacre". Visitor places are designed for only 14 people, so it is worth booking places in advance, since those who want &# 8211; darkness. The restaurant has an arcuate glass roof. It turns out from all sides of visitors surrounds the ocean and its inhabitants.

Date of opening restaurant &# 8211; This is April 15, 2005. New Zealand M.J.Murphy Ltd. The only pass to the restaurant &# 8211; This is with the pier. It has a staircase leading in the beauty of the underwater institution.

Most Popular Attractions in Maldives

Museum Male

Museum is the "keeper" of the heritage of the Maldives Civilization. In this place, you can find any historical knowledge associated with Maldives. Museum stores many historical cultural monuments, which tell the history of the islands. Among the artifacts you can find household items, clothes, daggers, spears, boat layouts, musical instruments, monarching personal things and a lot of interesting things.
Exhibits are located on several floors of the museum.

The most unique exhibit &# 8211; This is a trace of Buddha. He recalls the belonging of all the inhabitants of the islands to this religion.

Park Dzhimuri Maidan

Another very interesting place is located on the island of Male. Dzhimuri Maidan Park was opened in 1989 and instantly became famous among visitors and locals.

In size, the park is small, but it is very comfortable. Undoubtedly, such a feeling is created due to the environment: Green alleys with tropical plants and large sweeping trees.
Permanent inhabitants of the park are birds. Many tourists visiting the park, and in particular children, feed the winged Maldives.

In the park there is a pool surrounded by palm trees. For those who are not accustomed to the heat of tourists, and maybe for many locals, a pool with palm trees that protect from the Sun, akin to the oasis.

Holidays in Maldives are a wonderful chance to familiarize yourself with many attractions, testimony about the culture and life of the islands, study them, and have a great rest!

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