Most Patus Sports Complex Asia

In Asia, people are ready to pay good money for a subscription to a sports club.

Buy membership in fitness center Centuryon can afford only a very wealthy person, because its cost is 32 thousand dollars.

For these fabulous money, several halls will be available to members of the fitness club, each of which is decorated with gold, precious stones and rare materials.

According to the director of the institution, the sports center provides the opportunity for wealthy people to feel in complete comfort and not to think about confidentiality.

Log in the fitness center can be solely on fingerprint. Such a system in other words is not unique, for example, in Alex Fitness on Kolomenskaya in Moscow, the entrance also on fingerprints, the truth is the annual subscription there is an order of magnitude cheaper

19000 rubles per year.

The Hall is the exclusive hand-made furniture, and all the simulators are made to order.

Most Patus Sports Complex Asia

In the toilet there are gilded washbasins so that you do not forget how much paid for the subscription.

In the center there is a department where you can use the services of a hairdresser or beautician.

Almost all chandeliers are made of black crystals, and expensive Italian quartz was used to create sex.

The Centuryon Fitness Center is one of the most elite in Asia whether he helps in achieving sports heights difficult to say, but the fact that he helps to feel far from the most recent person in the country is indisputable fact.

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