Mosquitoes endure coronavirus, and garlic protects? Refuture popular myths

Since the next week, Moscow «Sit on quarantine». Shopping centers, parks, cafes and other entertainment are closed. At the same time, a variety of rumors and myths about coronavirus on the Internet will be dealt unhindered. We try «Disinfect» Most of them, which is especially important to those who decided to wait for the coronavirus epidemic in dachas or in the resorts – in Crimea or Sochi.

Is coronavirus transmitted through mosquitoes?

No. Mosquitoes transfer many unpleasant exotic diseases, but in this case they «Nevinovna». Through the bite of the insect virus is not transmitted. So do not abuse «Antomarin», If you decide to hold quarantine in the country or in warmer edges.

Protects garlic from coronavirus?

Unfortunately no. Favorite folk remedy really contains useful substances with antimicrobial effects. But with viruses fight unable. Rumors about healing with garlic – as always only rumors. By the way, people «Sorokagradus» Tool of treatment when taking inside is also useless. As disinfectant outdoor – Perhaps although the disinfection requires a greater content of alcohol.

We add that also the virus does not affect the washing of the nasal salt solution. The rinser for the oral cavity in the fight against the virus is also useless.

Does domestic animals transfer?

And not again. The virus is transmitted by air-droplet or through infected surfaces. As for the coronavirus cats – then this disease is completely different «breed». But do not forget: after contact with domestic pets, you need to wash your hands with soap!

Does cold or heat help from coronavirus?

The virus is transmitted at any temperature, the climate is nothing to do with. So neither hypochelling nor overheat oneself. And in general – Coronavirus lives inside a person who has a temperature of at least 36.6°C.

Do I need to take antibiotics for prevention?

No. First, antibiotics do not act on viruses. Secondly, take them just so categorically not recommended – this is «will help» Only undermine the body’s protective forces and get some unpleasant side effects.

Whether the virus is transmitted through the parcels with Aliexpress?

This rumor is very popular – Say, Chinese products can infect the buyer. However, outside the human body, the virus lives long – Sending to Moscow from China is clearly longer. Therefore, there is no risk of infection.

What really helps to protect from coronavirus?

All well-known rules that are useful once again repeat. Avoid crowded places and comply with personal hygiene rules. That is, wash your hands with soap and, if possible, do not touch them to face. Wearing or do not wear a mask – your choice – There are arguments and for, and against.

Now let’s talk about the action options when the danger appears to get.

What are the main symptoms pointing to coronavirus?

Mosquitoes endure coronavirus, and garlic protects refutable popular myths of tourism articles from
  • dry cough
  • dyspnea
  • high body temperature
  • Perhaps a feeling of suturing in the chest.

In any case, if you felt ailment, it is better to call a doctor at home. Especially if you returned from abroad.

Also remind The main procedure for the proceedings returned from the abroad, especially from countries «with unfavorable epidemiological situation».

  • Tourist and living with him in the same apartment need to issue an electronic hospital sheet. Enough to call the hotline by coronavirus – For example, in Moscow +7 (495) 870-45-09 (daily, from 08:00 to 21:00); In the Moscow region 8-800-550-50-30.
  • If there are signs of malaise – Report that. Arrived health workers will take stars from the nose and throat for research. If there is a need, you are hospitalized.

If everything is safely, a medical worker will arrive at the 14th day of quarantine, he will examine and closes the hospital.

We also picked up for you other interesting materials about health while traveling:

More on tourism forecasts – when borders open and travel will be resumed – read in the material «When tourism recover from Coronavirus: in June, in September or the next year?». At the same time, the ator predicts that Coronavirus will go bankrupt 30% of Russia’s travel agencies (read the details here).

Add that if you have a paid tour to any of the foreign countries that you want to cancel with the return of money, the State Duma has released recommendations for tourists (details here). This is all the more relevant that tour operators began to massively refuse to tourists in returning money for foreign tours. On this occasion, the Turmp has already published detailed instructions for tourists and travel agents from lawyers specializing in Tourism Claims – read this link → How to return the money?

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