Mosquito Bay, Vieques Island. Nature Puerto Rico

Wieques Island v Puerto Rico – one of the most amazing places on earth. In the dark nights, when even the light of the moon does not reach the earth’s surface, Water Bay Mosquito (Mosquito) on the island of Vieques begin to glow mysterious green-blue luminescent lights.

Boluminescence – This is a chemical reaction that some marine organisms produce. Such a glow occurs in all oceans, but is characteristic of deep water. V Bay Mosquito This is an amazing phenomenon in its beauty can be seen on the surface of the sea due to the high concentration of unicellular algae (Dinoflagellata).

In the world, just a couple of places, where the same thing happens on the surface of the water. Wieques Island It has excellent beaches, seller and mangrove forest areas, the remnants of Spanish fortresses, but most of all the attention of tourists attract luminescent water. Jul Verne mentioned this phenomenon in his novel when I talked about the adventures of Nautilus.

Mosquito Bay, Vieques Island. Nature Puerto Rico

The island is better to visit when the moon is not visible at all, or shines not very much, for which it is necessary to plan a trip in accordance with the lunar calendar. In the full moon effect of the glow disappears.

On the island you can take a walk on kayak on the magic fire and even swim in luminescent glow.

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